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10-07-2005, 06:24 PM
I needed a "run into the store for 30 minutes" bag while DD is in a sling or shopping cart. My T&L large bebe was too big - the LE little tripper wasn't cutting it and I was just stuffing my wallet in my pocklet and hoping for the best. I bought THIS sling bag:



And I packed it up today.. Now it IS small (they have a bigger one) but it fits everything I need.

In it I have:

a cloth diaper (pocket) cloth wipes, spray bottle (wipe solution) a disposable changing mat (yeah, I know, cloth diaps and sposie changing mat), a tidy diner placemat thingie, sunglasses, wallet, hand wipe thingies, keys, a few snack for DD (a cereal bar in a crest wipe strip case and some cheerios) and a few other litle things. ANd I have plenty of room for a hat and jacket for her. It wouldn't be great for an all day outing but I LOVE it for a quick trip. ANd you can access the wallet and stuff by swivelling the bag around. Oh, and the best part, a NUBY sippy cup fits in the outside lacings...

Not cheap, or designer looking but works for me!

10-07-2005, 06:41 PM
I have this same bag and I love it too! I use it when I just have one (usually my PTing DD) kiddo with me. It's so easy to wear, but I did have a hard time getting used to putting it over my right shoulder. I kept thinking I could throw it over my left! Because it can only be worn one direction, I think it throws a lot of folks off...But it's worth it once I figured out what you did - that putting it over your right shoulder means a rightie like me can easily access the bag by swinging it across the front of your body.

I was tempted to get the larger one for both kids, but then this smaller size is perfect for me on a quick trip alone (on those hallowed days where I get a few hours off for "mommy break"). And I think the teardrop style is really cute.

Glad to hear you love it! :)