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10-10-2005, 01:02 PM
Hi Everyone,
I’m really excited to announce that Ellington Leather, based here in Oregon, has been kind enough to offer us (and anyone else they would like to mention the discount to) a 30% discount off their catalog! That’s for ALL items from the catalog ? . This sale will start on Saturday, October 15th and continue through Monday, October 31st..

To get the 30% discount, just type in “bbsave30? or “BBsave30? in the Discount Code Box at Checkout. Please type the code in exactly as I have typed it, to avoid any confusion! The discount (excluding the shipping cost) will be reflected as a subtotal in the final page at check-out. You will be given an exact dollar amount (including shipping) in a confirmation, sent to the email address you indicate when placing your order. This usually takes a day or two, so please be patient. Shipping via UPS is usually around $5-$8/piece (estimate – Ellington only charges true shipping). If you are on the west coast and the item is in stock, you may expect it within 5-7 days. On the east coast, you shipment will probably arrive within 8-10 days.

These bags aren’t specifically “mommy bags?, but can certainly serve as diaper bags. Their leather bags are very beautiful. Some bags that may work out as good diaper bags: Stella Tote/Pack Large, the Territory Backpack, the Laurel Tote, and bags from their Lightweight Travel Collection (including the In-Flight Tote). Previous posts from some folks who have purchased the bag (In-Flight Tote and Tripper Tote Packs were popular last time around):


I’ve been to the store quite a few times. I told Ed Elsasser (one of the owners) that I would be happy to field most of the questions for the group, since he may get overwhelmed with bag dimension questions, “look and feel? questions, etc. So please PM me if you have specific questions.

Anyway, you can check them out at www.ellingtonleather.com !

I’m posting this in Bargains Lounge as well, but thought I would just put a quick note here….

10-10-2005, 03:49 PM
I have the small InFlight I bought during the last sale and it is nice but wanted to add to be aware of shipping.They did not tell me how much my shipping was when I placed the order but maybe they do it different now.It was $11+ to East Coast. Just wanted to let others know since I was not expecting to spend that much.
Nancy-Mom to 6 great kids

10-10-2005, 04:19 PM
Thanks, Nancy - you're right. Shipping can add up! They assured me that they charge actual shipping/frieght, no handling charges, etc. But it certainly depends on the destination and what size boxes they use. I didn't quite believe it until I went to UPS.com directly and put in dimensions; even a "normal" sized box is more than I would expect to pay.

FWIW, they have someone who will be "manning" the system orders and get back to folks with the total with shipping. It may take up to 48 hours, but they said that they will respond to the email address the customer gives when placing the order.

11-01-2005, 06:30 PM
Does anyone know if items purchased through this sale are returnable? I just got my ellington inflight tote and while I love the organization it is just too big :( There was no packing slip or anything inside my package so I am not sure what to do about returns.

11-01-2005, 06:45 PM
No worries...just call their customer service number or email them and give them your info. They will probably just issue you are return authorization number. Not sure if they will make you pay for the return shipping, but they will definitely credit you back on your cc# or whatever form of payment you did.

Their return/exchange policy was going to be the same with this sale as it is with their regular online/in-store purchases...And I think it's a reasonable exchange time (few weeks?). Their items are guaranteed for up to a year. Phone 800-736-1222, email: www.ellingtonleather.com