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10-12-2005, 01:13 PM
Ok, anyone have any of the bags? I'm curious as far as room/quality, etc goes. Ebags if having a sale now and I'm tempted to try one. The JP Lizzy Grace Diaper Tote Set looks super cute for $44.20.

TIA for your thoughts.

10-13-2005, 02:21 AM
I have the JP Lizzy Classic Tote in the Tan Taffy Plaid (looks just like the Burberry plaid) & love it. Here's the one I have:


My tote is part of the JP Lizzy Classic Tote collection & is different from their Sophisticates Tote collection. I've seen the Sophisticates & do not care for those totes as much. I'll try to compare.

The Sophisticate totes are made of a more microfiber/nylon type
material & have a zipper top. IMO, these bags are kinda heavy when
empty & the zipper top closure is akward. If you look at a good
picture of one (see Babybrowns.com) you'll see it has the fabric that
comes into the center & then it zips. I found that this made it hard
to really *open* the bag up wide enough. In addition to the already black interior, the narrow opening only accentuates that "black
hole" effect since you can't really get in there to see everything.
Plus the shoulder straps are made of the same microfiber type
material & were not very comfortable and kept falling off my

The Classic Tote version bags are more of a lighterweight, canvas-
type material rather than a microfiber. Mine is lined lined in a
light-color cotton & the straps are basic black nylon and I find that they don't slip off. (It doesn't have any padding in the straps though). Instead of a zipper, it closes with a small little velcro patch & a decorative ribbon (which I hardly have the time to ever tie unless it's first thing when we're leaving the house! LOL!).

I can fit just about everything + the kitchen sink into this bag and
it's still pretty lightweight. There are actually seperate pockets
inside for a changing pad, dipes & wipes. There are 2 interior
bottles pockets & 2 exterior bottle pockets (the ext pockets are more
like slip pockets, so could be used better for sunglasses or cell
phone type items). None of the bottle pockets are insulated.

I could totally see using one of the JP Lizzy totes for a work
bag/diaper bag. It would fit a laptop easily along a 2" plastic
binder and work folders. If you *need* a zipper top, then I guess go
with the Sophisticates line. I just happened to find they were not
as comfy. I found some of the JP Lizzy Sophisticate totes at
Nordstrom, but they did not have the Classic Tote line there. Maybe you can make a trip to Nordies & see one IRL before you buy?

Suz :)

10-14-2005, 01:35 AM
Okay - I'm sold. I've had my eye on that tan & taffy tote for awhile, but I couldnt' find anywhere that gave a good view of the inside (colors, pockets, etc), and I had some misgivings about the closure. You make a good case for it, though ... since Brown's is having a "buy a diaper bag, get a free purse" promotion, now is as good a time as any to take the plunge - I'm ordering tonight! I still like the look of the Grace (and that Ebags price is unbelievable), but I like the plaid better for all seasons ...

10-20-2005, 03:41 PM
Booooooooo. After placing my order with Brown's last week, I got an email today saying that the bag was out of stock (indefinitely, I guess).

On the upside, this compelled me to return to Ebags to hunt around for a new diaper bag, and as it turns out, they just marked down the Caroline - a classic solid red JP Lizzy - from $94 to $52... with an additional 10% off and free shipping (which, in this case, saves more than applying the 15% off diaper bags discount), I'm getting the bag (after tax), for under $50.