View Full Version : Tote for Toddler + Purse - anyone do this?

10-25-2005, 09:08 AM
I've been using my Kate Spade Roger diaper bag for 20 months now and need a change. I just ordered DS a Landsend canvas tote (on overstocks for $9.50!) and was considering using it for his diapers, toys, etc... and going back to my purse which i haven't used in a looong time.

Anyone doing this? How much of a pain is it to have two bags? In a few more months I think DS can carry his own bag at times (just to be cute since it will hold his toys).

What do you keep in your toddler's bag? I ordered a diappes and wipes holder for him too.

Isn't it strange how hard it is to go back to a purse???? I'm so skeptial about it. I'm so used to one large bag.

10-25-2005, 01:51 PM
I am having the same issue. DS is almost 18 months and the only time I feel I really NEED the diaper bag is when we are out to dinner. Otherwise, I feel like I can get away with a diappes and wipe holder in my purse. I soooo want to carry my own purse again. Anyway this is the way I figure it will work for us- I will keep a diaper bag in the car (I all ready do this with extra stuff) and if we need to use it then it will be there. I am looking for a really nice purse tote that I can put the diappes into and if we need a sippy cup and a few books. For those rare occurrences when I need a full blown diaper bag then I will have a stocked one in the car.

Happy handbag shopping!