View Full Version : Any experience with the Le Sportsac Diaper Bag?

10-28-2005, 12:24 PM
I love their stuff, and I own a bunch of their regular pocketbooks. I really like how lightweight the bags are and how easy they are to clean. The other bags I am thinking of include the Skip Hop Dash and the Jessica Bumble Bag. Any comparisons? Anyone have experience with more than one of these? What about the Sportsac one? Love it? Hate it? Thanks!

10-28-2005, 03:02 PM
I love LeSportsac bags too, but I don't like their diaper bag. I think it is basically the same as the medium weekender but with bottle pockets. The medium weekender is a huge bag. I would say I'm an overpacker and I think the deluxe messenger is a great size. It makes a great diaper bag, just lacking bottle pockets. LeSportsac just added some cute prints to their site today and there is free shipping until 10/30.

Here are some pics of the deluxe messenger in case you haven't seen it IRL. By the way, I have a NWT deluxe messenger in eclipse for sale, the print is too bold for me. I ordered it from the factory outlet a couple weeks ago and all sales are final, so I can't return it.


10-29-2005, 01:24 AM
I just recently bought a lesportsac deluxe everyday bag and basic camera bag...and I love it! I like using the deluxe bag as my quick trip diaper bag(I'm a lightpacker) so it's just perfect for what I bring for my 20 month old son. I'll try to post some pictures of it here...
The basic camera bag I'm planning to use it as my own purse if I carry a large diaper bag for out of town trips or theme parks etc...
They are definetely light weight and doesn't look bulky even when its packed. Very cute prints on their website! The deluxe bag has an expandable bottom like the skip hop expo...
I hope this helps!


photos attached.

10-31-2005, 11:53 AM
Thanks for these pics. I just got a Deluxe Everyday and I did not even notice the expandable bottom! I don't think I am going to need it though, because it was already the best bag ever! I put all of my stuff in it, plus a couple of diapers and a ziploc with wipes. I could actually fit more, but I try not to carry anything too messy in it :). I have evolved to more of a light packer. I have a diaper bag I leave in the car with extra diapers and wipes. So, this bag is great for any trips that don't involve eating, and even then I can swing it. Right now there is a sippy cup and a snack cup in mine.

For the OP, I have not seen the diaper bag IRL, but from the picture, there is something I don't like about it, maybe the shape? I am going to see if I can find it, because now I am curious. I am seriously thinking of getting a Fanci-Free bag in Jetsen, but I am waiting to see one IRL. You might want to take a look, I think it is lightweight. You can see them here:



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11-01-2005, 02:50 PM
Which print did you get for the everyday bag? did you get it from their store?
You know I just found out from our fellow member here that you can order their bags in their outlet store...the one in TN it's 30% off the retail price( they have some of the newer prints) and the one in NY I believe its the Southhampton is 50% but they don't have the new prints...but still 50% off the retail price is a good deal!
The new fanci free bags prints are cute...but I really like messenger style bags..thanks for the link...


11-01-2005, 05:37 PM
I got it in Bonnie Black. I looked at this bag in many prints for a long time before I finally decided on this one. I think I might have dismissed it before as "old ladyish". But now I think it's cool and it goes with lots of things I am wearing right now. You can see the print here on the City Satchel:


I think it looks better on the Everyday Deluxe :).

I got my bag at Lord and Taylor because I had to use up a gift card. I had a coupon so I think it was a pretty good deal. Thanks for the info on the outlet. I think I will be buying this bag again.

Does anyone know of a website where they list old prints?


Charlotte born October 2004