View Full Version : Lands End DIA....anyone else have problem? What else would work?

11-01-2005, 08:55 PM
Okay, I got my Lands End DIA and I do love the organization, color, the way it holds up, etc. I'm not thrilled with the shape, though, and feel it digs into my sides when carrying. I have a Dash and mostly use the DIA for long long days and/or air travel. We are military and travel a lot and have Thanksgiving and Xmas trips coming up.

Is there anyone else who has this problem with the DIA and what else could you recommend that will hold what I need for an air travel type trip (pretty much a full day).

Thanks in advance.

Laura :)

Liam (10/21)

11-01-2005, 10:24 PM
I just use a regular backpack when we travel. I think the one I have is the LL Bean Super Deluxe Backpack. There are 5 compartments in it and 2 exterior mesh bottle/sippy cup holders. From smallest to largest, I fill the 5 compartments with:

1. Travel info, boarding passes, etc.
2. My stuff (not much fits here--cell, PDA. I keep my small wallet in my pocket. There is a cell phone pocket on the strap, but my cell doesn't fit in it.)
3. Diapering supplies
4. Food and juices
5. Toys, change of clothes, extra diapering supplies just in case

I use plastic baggies to organize the 2 larger compartments. For everyday use I prefer messenger style bags with a ton of pockets, but this backpack feels light and easy to carry even when stuffed with a full day's supplies, something I can't say about any huge messenger I've tried. The straps and back of this bag are nicely padded, too.

11-01-2005, 10:47 PM
I have the Lands End Diaper Backpack for travel -- when I need my hands free. I like the light interior and organization, though you could probably get a pack from a place like REI that would work too (but light interiors are hard to find on regular packs).


I have the LE DIA, but would only use it for airline travel if I had DH there as an extra set of arms, KWIM?



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