View Full Version : New Bugaboo Diaper Bag

12-06-2005, 09:26 PM
I also posted this on the stroller forum, but thought many of you here could help.

I am due with my first in February. We plan on getting the Bugaboo - I have been eyeing it for awhile and haven't found anything I like better. We plan on getting the blue base with the black fabric....

Does anyone have the new Bugaboo diaper bag (messenger style)? If so, how is it? How is the storage space, compartments, feel, fit, etc? Also, does anyone have a blue one, and if so does it match the blue base (exterior) or the blue fabric (inside). It seems like the two colors are different and I would like it to match. Anyone have photos?

Another Bugaboo question - did anyone use the bassinet as their bassinet (not just for strolling)? How did it go? Do you have recommendations on waterproof pads and sheets that fit the bassinet well?

Thanks for all your help!