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01-03-2006, 09:59 AM
Help! I'm looking to buy either a Lexie Barnes Darling or a Silver Line Fling or Swagg. Any input? I don't like huge bags, I had a Mothership I hated. I also have a Skip Hop, but don't like the velcro. What is the size of a Fling? Any advice would be appreciated.


01-05-2006, 12:04 AM
I have both the Lexie Barnes Darling & the Silver Line Fling. And I used to own a SH Dash, too.

The Fling is about the same size as the Skip Hop Dash, actually. The Fling does NOT have any of the annoying velcro that the Dash has. It has hidden magnets that hold the flap down. It also has a light lined interior (no black hole). And if you want to carry it like a tote, the messenger flap flips back and lays nicely behind the bag.

The negatives about the Fling is that the side bottle pockets are small (even in the newly redesigned version that I have). I can fit a short Avent bottle in there (but I had to work at it). But I couldn't fit a sippy cup or an adult water bottle. I've heard from Silver Line & they say if you really work at it, it will loosen up and you *should* be able to get a sippy cup in the newly redesigned SL Flings that were just released, but I don't know...it seems tight, but I haven't tried it again yet. And also, the microfiber fabric of the Fling is nicer than the rough canvas of the SH, however it means the bag does not stand as well on it's own. It's a bit softer structured than the Dash so it's a tad bit floppy.

The Fling has everything I like about the Dash, w/o the things I didn't like about the Dash (if that makes sense) :)

The LB Darling on the other hand has mesh bottle pockets that will hold just about ANYTHING! They are truly versatile & will hold a huge sippy cup or a huge Nalgene water bottle! The wipeable fused nylon fabrics that she offers are awesome!

The negatives of the Darling are that once it's fully packed, the 2 exterior front pockets become quite tight and not too useful. I still can fit a cell phone in there, but that's about it. And although it does stand on it's own okay when packed, sometimes it may topple if it's not packed just so, KWIM? Otherwise, size wize, this bag amazes me. For being a medium size bag, I can pack a whole heck of a lot into it. Or I can pack lightly...either way it feels lightweight to carry and is a wonderful bag.

Suz :)