View Full Version : Got the lowdown on docs from the nurse who taught our baby prep classes

07-07-2004, 10:38 AM
Just wanted to mention that I got referrals to pediatricians from a few sources...

1. Friends with kids who live in the area, and
2. The nurse who taught our taking care of baby prep class
3. My ob-gyn.

The nurse was a wealth of information, and while she couldn't provide "official" recommendations, after class she gave a lot of info about doctors who live in our area, and talked with anybody who was interested about the docs who were specifically nearest their home.

I was already pointed in the right direction from friends, but getting a thumbs up from the nurse was very encouraging.

I also asked my OB for a recommendation, but he was much more restrained about giving opinions and recommendations. I simply asked him if he knew and worked with the docs at the clinic I had in mind, and he said yes and that the ones he met have all been good docs.