View Full Version : Comparison Shopping Cord Blood Banks

07-19-2004, 05:35 PM
Hello! I am definitely interested in banking my baby's cord blood. I am 30w6d, and I think I'm runnin' outta time. I'm seeing alot of posts about Viacord and CBR, not to mention lots of magazine ads. What I'm looking for is a website or other resource that compares all the 16 blood banks (according to Baby 411 book) apples to apples. Price, reliability, services, etc. Anyone?

07-27-2004, 07:33 AM
There is a site called cordbloodoptions.com that has a chart but I will tell you that the prices are wrong (as they are on other boards). It might be best that you narrow down the banks by looking at financials, transplant rate (not just transplants), aabb accrediation, if they own their own lab with the bank or do they broker etc. Once you have narrowed it down call the companies.

If you wind up going with viacord I have a coupon for 100 dollars off just email me and I will send you the info but put cord banking question or something like that in the subject heading or you will wind up in the junk pile (sorry). [email protected]

It took me a long time to narrow things down and I really narrowed down to Viacord and CBR (well I was looking at CryoCell as well but I was not as impressed when I dug deeper). I think this is one time that price should not be a leading factor IF you can afford it. I know Viacord has price plans so I will just assume the others do also. With the lack of regulation there is no apples to apples more like watermelons to apricots.....hmm that thought is making a pregnant mom hungry....best wishes!