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Kimberly H
11-04-2003, 05:44 PM
Looks like we may be another week or two away from referral.

A March family received a call from their agency today asking if they'd be interested in an 11-month old girl with minor correctable medical needs so we're still being matched.

Another person says their agency told them the director of the CCAA is "out" - whatever that means.

I know we're still REALLY early compared to waits for people who were DTC last year, it's just disappointing to get my hopes up at all of these "referrals will be here at the end of October" rumors.

I'm starting to tell everyone I'm overdue and 9+ months pregnant. Now I know what bio mommmies whose children weren't born on their due dates go through!

11-05-2003, 10:58 AM
Hang in there. Personally I think that the last month or two of waiting for a referral is hardest because the any week now can stretch on and on and on. (I won't go into the long story about how I know but just say it was easier when I was number 4 or 5 on my agency's waiting list from Korea then when I was number 1). There are those who believe of course that you get your referral happens when it does because that's when the child that belongs with your family is ready to be referred. (I'm sure you know the China saying about invisible red threads which is along the same lines).

So while I don't have anything to make the wait easier just try to keep focused on the fact that you will get a referral whether it takes 2 weeks or heaven forbid 2 months

Not sure it helps at all but the director (or at least some of the under directors but I believe it was the director also) was in Denver at the beginning of Oct for a conference and then may a tour of some of agencies that work with China so while I'm sure that he is back in China now, it probably also explains when there were no referrals for awhile if people were getting caught back up with their work

11-12-2003, 11:11 AM
Any news yet. I know it's only been a week. I honestly can't believe I'm asking because I certainly don't want to be one of those people who keeps asking you have you heard anything but I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and wondering what the latest is

Kimberly H
11-12-2003, 06:23 PM
I appreciate you asking! No, no news yet. A couple of agencies have said their matches are done but we have no detailed info. Still thinking we'll have referral at the end of next week which is 3+ weeks beyond when they were expected!