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12-06-2003, 10:30 PM
Hey everyone, as you know I have researched and researched Ukraine adoptions as we hope to be adopting two boys there ages 3-5. There is so much info to learn etc... and there is no way one can really "share" that info without sharing web sites and where one researches etc....

So as you might know I started a Ukraine adoption link thread where I am putting any links that I have found important. Keep in mind as I go along I might have certain info about certain facilitators etc... I would suggest that you do you own research for that since many cater to differnt things that might be important to you. We are doing an independent adoption and hiring a facilitator and translator. I will be sharing who I use but just would feel badly if someone took my word on that without researching. I have provided previously message board links to go to where one can research that.

Please anyone feel free to add Ukraine info on there, I would suggest other countries start a new thread so that we can supply those that go behind us with the most specific info.

I have started this to mainly help those that are planning this process but also selfishly in that if asked it is the easiest way for me to communicate what I have learned.

This thread could help others adopting from other countries in that I will share travel info, insurance info etc.. that I have found.
I sure hope this helps others...that is my goal. Other message board have gotten bombarded with spam info, so please know I have no interst in who works with what facilitator, travel agent etc... I'm jsut trying to pass on what I have researched and appears to be good.


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