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03-28-2004, 06:01 PM

I just signed up on this message board - looks very cool!! :) We're adopting a 6-12 month old baby (99% sure it's a boy) from Russia. We're just waiting on our I171H, which we're told should arrive anyday.... :)

I've been going crazy shopping for baby stuff! ;) It's so much fun! But there are certain things that I'm not sure of, since we're skipping the newborn stage.... So far, this is what I think we DON'T need... I'd appreciate any input on this!! Thanks!!! :)

-bouncy seat
-infant car seat & travel system, carrier, etc.
-receiving blankets? (or do we want some for some reason?)
-bumper pad on crib?

Can anyone tell me if orphanages generally use pacifiers? Will he be used to having one? What about the age when they start feeding solid foods in an orphanage? Any idea there? Any suggestions on bottles that are similar to what they might be used to?

I have so many questions & don't know if you have the answers, but I thought I'd try! ;)


03-28-2004, 07:15 PM
You right you probably don't need a bouncy seat or a bassinet or an infant car seat because depending on the age and size of your child he would probably already have outgrown those items before you bring him home. (One alternative to a bouncy seat is a fisher price infant to toddler rocker since it will last until your child is 40 pounds.)

Starting solids is another big it depends. Solids may be started or they might not be depending on the age of your child but you can really talk more to your Ped. about that because regardless of whether solids have been started or not they may have some guidelines they want you to follow since the food will not be the same (or exactly the same). Receiving blankets aren't bad to have no matter how run or old your child may be because whether it's using under a child when your out someplace or light weight blanket to tuck around their feet during a stroller ride. It's really up to you

03-29-2004, 10:54 PM
Hi Karin,

Congratulations on your impending adoption. Hope your I171H comes soon!

I don't know anything about Russian orphanages, but in China the type of bottle depends on the orphage. Are there yahoo groups for Russian adoptions? There are specific orphage groups for Chinese adoptions and I hear they can be a good source of information for things like bottle types, formula preferences (hot, warm, with rice cereal--I know we don't do that in the US for safety but if it's what they're used to. . .), and so on. My impression is that Chinese orphanages do not usually use pacifiers and typically start kids on solids a bit later than we might here.

Sorry I can't help with more Russia-specific info.

adopting from China

03-29-2004, 11:45 PM
Oh how fun! Congratulations!

Let's see, bigger blankets are nice for the floor, especially if he/she is not crawling yet, but sitting/laying.

As for the bumper pad, I would do whatever he/she's already used to. You could always buy one and leave it packaged to return.

I'm trying to remember waaay back to 6 months...LOL. Okay, if they're closer to 12 you could get a ride/push toy, that provided endless entertainment for Ds. Also, the stacking musical star toy by Fisher Price was a HUGE hit for that stage. Ds LOVED balls at that age (still does) and that little fisher price aquarium with the fish in balls you put into it. He also liked chunky-cars (meaning big for their hands, not matchbox-style). Target has some great toys for this age. Umm...cupboards to open and slam (LOL).

I'd skip the pacifier. If he's already used to one, couldn't you buy one in Russia so it would be the same?

Some other things we started to use between 6 & 12 months:
Sippy Cups (two handle kind) of water
Crackers (much closer to 12 months for us)
Toys safe for chewing on on
Float toys
Toys with any type of tag
Soft-soled shoes (Robeez, Jack & Lily, Buskins, etc.)
Socks with rubber grips on the bottom (Old Navy, Carter's & Gap are some places)

Congratulations, again!

03-29-2004, 11:52 PM
I just thought I would pipe in how valuable my carrier has been for me. I got an ergo, which can handle a bit of a bigger kid. Jamie was so scared when we first got him - he didn't want to be put down, and it would have been really hard without a carrier. Now, I'm using more on my hip. I jsut discovered today that he actually enjoys (!) the grocery store if he can be in the carrier and pushing the cart. We had some very unpleasant grocery store experiences previously.

I think the least useful for us would be burp cloths. People said we would still need them to clean up messes, etc. We have used them some, but could have just as easily used other things.


03-29-2004, 11:57 PM
Oh my goodness - I forgot! We used a babytrekker, and it was wonderful and invaluable. I could also be seen pushing a cart with Ds in the trekker...it's cleaner, too! LOL. Speaking of clean, you might want to get a shopping cart cover. I bought one from BRU at that age, it was junk and didn't fit most carts. Check the forums for some good suggestions.

Skip the Baby Bjorn at that age, though. It will likely be too small or not distribute the weight appropriately.

Kimberly H
03-30-2004, 07:46 AM
Karin, congratulations!

I second the suggestion of looking for Yahoo Groups that specialize in Russian adoption, especially if you have any inkling of which orphanage/region your child will be coming from. Our group was godsend to us because it was orphanage-specific and really gave us a good look into what our children were going through, the care they were receiving and what to expect.

Mia was 14 mos when we adopted her and we definitely skipped the bassinette, swing, seat, infant car seat (I'd suggest a Britax convertible - we have a Roundabout) and the bumper pad. We have some receiving blankets that she uses in the crib and she's growing attached to her velour washcloths from http://www.darlingdiapers.com as she likes to suck on them.

Some of the parents brought pacifiers for their kids. I chose not to because it's a habit I didn't want to start and she ended up not wanting one anyway since we tried it at home when she kept wanting to suck on an empty bottle. Now that she likes to suck on her washcloth ("Comfy"), my DH laughs at me about the whole paci thing.

Our kids were used to rice cereal in bottles from a very, VERY early age and though Mia was supposed to have been eating solids from a spoon all along, she refused them pretty much until we got home. Well, she'd eat Cheerios and biter cookies, but nothing from a spoon except my ice cream sundae. Now she eats like the proverbial horse!

Please keep us posted!!

03-30-2004, 10:37 AM
One more thought if you are on a two trip system although it will be a pain to try to gather things between the trips, you probably will have a better idea on things after you get that referral. Of course it's hard to wait until then to start purchasing things I know but it might be helpful for the things you really can't decide on.

One thought on the pacifier..depending on your feelings on the subject (personally I was determined to be a non-pacifier mommy but Luke came home with one and now we probably have 6 in rotation between diaper bags and upstairs and downstairs), one reason you may want a pacifier with you is for take off and landing and little ears. I know people use a bottle (empty or full..of course an empty one means your child is sucking air and that might not help the situation) but a pacifer can be a bit easier. Anyway it's just a thought

04-07-2004, 06:18 PM
THANK YOU ALL so much for all the great replies & suggestions!!! :)

I think my next project to tackle is figuring out the baby carrier. I've seen a few good ones now (Ergo, Babytrekker, One Step Ahead hip carrier, etc.). It looks like I might want one that I can't register for through Babies R Us...and in any case, we have to have it for trip #2...so I probably don't want to wait for someone else to buy it for me. ;)

Anyway, thanks again for all the welcomes & helpful info!!! :) This board is great!!!


04-07-2004, 06:29 PM
Yeah, that's always a problem. You want to register, but the stuff you can register for is sub-standard. maybe you can make your own registry/wishlist site?

Kimberly H
04-07-2004, 08:41 PM
Karin, we have the OSA hip carrier that we didn't use. We used a HotSling and KK ring sling instead. I'd be happy to send you the OSA carrier if you'd like it. Just email me at kimberly @ sccoast.net (remove spaces)

04-08-2004, 12:32 AM
THANKS!!! I just emailed you. :)