View Full Version : USIC fees going up (international adoption related)

04-15-2004, 11:16 AM
As of April 30, the fee for fingerprints (which will be known as biometrics from this point on) will increase from $50 to $70 per person (so for the average family that's $40). The fee for the I-600A will increase from $460 to $525). For those of us who still need to use the COC (children who come home on an IR-4 visa meaning that both parents do not see the child before the adoption takes place in the other country or no adoption takes place in the other country (most adoptions from Guatemala and Korea fall into this category), the fee is going up to $200 from $145)

If you live in a state where they do NOT send a fingerprint appointment card until they have your homestudy and you plan on starting the process for an international adoption this year, you may consider submitting your form now to save the $115, although honestly I'm not sure it's really worth the effort but certainly if you were going to send in your form in May or perhaps even June anyway, it might be worth it to you to get the form in this week or next)