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07-01-2004, 06:26 PM
I spotted some good ideas for things to do while waiting for a referral and/or travel in the update thread. I hope no one minds that I'm pulling them out and starting a new thread--I just think it's such a good topic.

Here goes:

1. shop--depends how much info you have, but a lot of fun, even just looking
2. exercise--this is a great idea. I'm so glad I started lifting weights over a year ago, because it looks like our son will be around 20 pounds when we get him. And I'm a total wimp so it would have been really difficult for me to carry him around without the increased strength.
3. cook freezer meals--another great idea. I'm actually spending sometime today and tomorrow doing this. (Starting with veg. lasagne and broccoli strata, later plan to do meatballs, cooked shredded chicken, muffins and cookies)
4. go on a vacation--especially if you don't have kids, this may be your last kid-free vacation for a good long while
5. take a class--learn the language of your child's homeland (full disclosure: my attempt at learning Chinese was a huge flop, I'm going to have to try again), or learn to paint, or whatever you've always been meaning to do.
6. if you are adopting itnernationally, learn about the culture
7. find a pediatician
8. schedule all your doctor's appointments for before you adopt--you won't want to go the eye doctor the month after your new baby is home and you sure don't want a cavity to make itself known while you are overseas (if you are traveling)

I'd love to see other people's ideas for this!


07-01-2004, 09:19 PM
Good idea because these next couple of months are going to make me crazy!

For the first few months of our wait, I actually took a second job on the side which ate away at a ton of my free time but helped keep me busy!

I also researched (and bought) every baby product I could possibly need! That's how I found you gals. ;)

I am still stocking up on diapers even though I technically have more than I need. I think this is a new hobby.

I used to scrapbook a lot, but took time away from that since we started the adoption. I'm finally getting back into that again, and that can easily eat away time!

Reading, reading, reading. Anything and everything about parenting, kids, Guatemala, etc.

07-02-2004, 02:31 AM
The one thing I wish I'd done, but didn't was take an infant CPR class. Of course once DS arrived, I've had no time to take one.:)

Mom to Jeremiah 2/4/03

07-02-2004, 06:15 AM
I think a big one is declutter and organize.

Babies/children have a lot of stuff..more than you think as time goes by and in more rooms then you think.

The Kitchen..you need a place to store bottles, bowls, baby spoons, bibs, formula, food etc, etc, etc. You probably also want to think about child proofing but you might want to leave baby safe cabinet with tupperware or things you don't mind getting mess up. Oh and stock up on paper towels. Even if you are a cleaning cloth, or other non throw away item person, when you have children you are going to want to have paper towels :)

Bathroom..you need a place for bath toys, perhaps your child's bathroom products if you use special ones. If you end up with any children's towels or wash clothes you need room for those too. And again you want to baby proof the area. Yes in the beginning you aren't going to be leaving your child alone in the bathroom if you have a young child but while you are waiting it's just as easy to rethink your cleaning product storage then after your child is home

Just general decluttering and cleaning. Weeding out your closet. Making sure you have comfortable easy to care for clothing that FITS you (yup it would be great if you could lose that extra 10 pounds and you probably will if you eat right once you start running around after your child BUT comfort counts when your a mommy). And I'm not talking about living in sweats or raggy things, I mean actually getting things that you feel good about wearing that are child friendly

If there are rooms you think need repainting or things that need to be repaired do it NOW, because you simply won't have time later

07-02-2004, 11:48 AM
This is so true. I thought I had decluttered before I left but I wish I had done so much more. I did the kitchen, the bathroom, reaarange things for baby proofing. But, I still should have gotten rid of old linens, packed away my work clothes, cleared a couple shelves on the bookcases, cleaned out the garage . . . ad infinity.

Not only will you not have time later, but Jamie loves to help - I take something out, he puts it back!