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07-11-2004, 11:08 AM
I'll soon be picking up my son in Guatemala. I will be a single mom and my mother will be going with me. Four questions I would love ideas (creative ones, too) for: What are the obvious and less obvious necessities to bring?.......What can I bring to make the occasion memorable (DVD recorder, etc.)....... What might I buy there to bring a little Guatemala into my home as my son grows? ....... Appropriate gifts for the foster family? Thanks, as you know this is very exciting! Tiferet

07-11-2004, 02:01 PM
Congratulations! We just visited our daughter in Guatemala. We're hoping to pick her up within a couple of months.

Bring a camera and video camera if you can. Don't bother with traveler's checks; they are a pain in the butt to deal with in Guatemala. Visa/ATM is widely accepted and all the cash machines worked just fine for us. Bring CRISP US bills; most places take them or quetzales (there are 8 quetzales to a $). Are you traveling or just staying in Guatemala City? There are several markets even just in the city; ask your hotel and take a cab. There are TONS of Guatemalan items.. we got a ton of different toys/gifts to give our daughter each year to celebrate her adoption. We also got items to have in our home, like a weaving, painting, etc. We travel a lot and we liked the idea of integrating Guatemalan items into our home decor so it's more a part of our life than just sticking it all in her room.

What hotel are you staying in? We stayed in the Marriott and everyone spoke English (though I am fluent in Spanish) and are very helpful. Request a crib for the room but also expect that your son might not be used to one or want to use one.

Bring a bottle warmer, bibs, burp clothes, more changes of clothes than you think you need. Is he on solids yet? Bring spoons, a few jars of baby food, bottles. Diapers.

Do not expect the foster family to leave you anything! You may have to buy formula while there; it's too hard to switch to a new formula while on the pickup trip.

Oh, I can babble on and on, but let me just give you some great links that summarize everything already:



If you read nothing else before you go, read this!!


Have a wonderful and safe trip! Congratulations!!