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09-15-2004, 06:55 PM
I only share this for I read this one last night (insomnia pregnancy just like Tristan), it is completed but long. But they did a good job describing some typical things that happen in regions that are "difficult" in Ukraine.

Difficult meaning they don't ever waive the 30 days...and they usually have judges that are very difficult and make you jump thru many hoops. The good news of one of these regions is the children tend to be very healthy, well taken care of, and weights that not typical from Ukraine orphans.

It is sad that most people (especially Americans due to how far Ukraine is from us) actually deny children from these regions. Since I never take the straight path to anything I was actually going to seek out this region feeling like "if I can't do it then who can", I felt I should take advantage of the fortunate situation we are in with Steve's job and their "pro" way in the adoption process, travel and leave. This pregnancy actaully prevents us from doing this since new rules say "both parents" need to return to pick up the children and I obviously can not go back due to aleady cutting it close time wise.

But this journal interested me I think more than anyone I have read, it discusses searching for the birth mom (baby was abandoned) and the community the birth mom lived in etc... and might open eyes up to the difficult situation that these birth mommies face.

Anyway thought someone might enjoy it so I decided to post.
It is long, but good reading- and PRECIOUS little girl.

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09-16-2004, 04:20 PM
That does look good. I'll have to read the whole thing when I get a chance.

Have you seen this one?

It's got lots of good information about the process. It's a single woman who travelled with her brother.

09-16-2004, 05:02 PM
She has done a marvelous job outlining cost etc...
she has had so much expenses though, she went INDY and used the faciltiator that rivals the one I am using a lot. I have been waiting for her to update...
Oleg charges a flat fee and doesn't let you pay bribes etc (I think he pays them) while the group she hired can be cheaper in that they charge a fee and tranlation etc... and you pay as you go...
luck of the draw I guess...
I know my personality I don't want to be sweating infront of a judge wondering if I should offer him $2,000 to let us go home...I'd rather a native of Ukraine doing that behind closed doors...

It's a good one, her timelines costs etc... have been so good...
I have cheered her on for months now and was so thrilled when she finally got her appt!!!!

Neve and Tristan born Feb 25, 2003
* EDD 3/19/05 IT'S A GIRL
* Adopting siblings in Ukraine 1/05


09-17-2004, 07:48 PM
Thanks for posting the link to this. It is uplifting to read about other people's journies. And they had such a positive outlook.


09-17-2004, 09:45 PM
RE: postiive outlook:
they really did didn't they...I don't know if you hung in there for the last entry but they ended up firing that facilitator that they seemed to love so much. His name is Edward and he isn't a big player atleast to the American community that I can tell (I hear his name only a few times, but I am certain he has been nice to email me when I have had questions on public forums). I was saddened to see this for they seemd to really love him, and I was SO impressed with him and his sticking by them etc...
It looks like it came down to some political issue in the region and that he wasn't connected there, but they hinted he might hve misinformed them...
It was upsetting to see that.
I really felt their journal was a great one though, they were in "the tough" region that is for sure. Didn't you find the search to find the birth mother amazing...I felt like I was watching a movie and could imagine the homes etc...

Glad you enjoyed it!!!
Neve and Tristan born Feb 25, 2003
* EDD 3/19/05 IT'S A GIRL
* Adopting siblings in Ukraine 1/05