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10-03-2004, 04:14 PM
i never post here, but have followed your stories...I have a deep, deep admiration for all of you in my heart. I know, noone goes through the journey of adoption to be admired, but I still think you girls are amazing!
I follow these stories because, long before I got married and had Erik, I always knew I was going to adopt at least one child. This had no relation whatsoever to whether I could or could not have a baby biologically...I worked in an orphanage in Eastern Europope as a young student, and the experience haunts me to this day.
At any rate, my husband and I have decided for some time now that Erik will be our only bio child, and that we will go back to that orphanage to get at least one daughter in a few years time (as soon as we can afford it).

Much love to all of you,