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10-15-2003, 12:31 PM
I have question for anyone who can help: My four month old developed cradle cap on his scalp so severe that it spread to a prickly-heat type rash onto his chest and behind his legs. The dr has me washing his head with Sebulex dandruff shampoo 1x a day plus Hydrocortisone treatments three times a day. My question is: the rest of his skin is very dry and scaly now and the dr doesn't want me to put any lotion on him, is there anyway to make his skin soft again and has anyone had problems where cradle cap has spread like this? thanks!

10-15-2003, 04:11 PM
Personal experience here: I used Mineral oil for my son. I layed him down on the kitchen counter, near the sink.

I first rinsed his head with water.
I then massaged a generous amount of mineral oil into his scalp..being careful to avoid his eyes. I continued to massage until I felt that the scales on his scalp were being loosened.
Next, I used a soft comb to gently loosen the scales. Some people use toothbrushes but I found a soft baby comb to be very effective.

If the condition is SEVERE, and your son begins to bleed or swell.. I wouldn't use this method. My son had it pretty bad but I was able to remove it gently without harming him. It never came back! Also, DO NOT use a medicated shampoo AFTER using this method. A gentle baby shampoo will work just fine, and not burn his tender little scalp.

As far as the rest of his body goes, have you tried any of the waterless soaps? I used Cetaphil with my daughters.

Hope this helps!