View Full Version : "Stuff" in BFed baby poop

09-25-2004, 11:59 AM
My 4 mo. old is excl. BF (no solids) and for the past 2 days I've noticed more liquidy runny poops than usual but the really weird part is that they have had stringy (3-5 in. in length) dark snotty strands of something. This morning, she had 3 runners in 3 hours (usually poops once a day) and a tiny tiny bit of snotty blood. My nipples are fine (no blood, etc.) and the only thing different in my diet is that I've added liquid vitamin C supplements that are flavored with honey. I know honey is a no no for babies but are BFing moms supposed to avoid, as well? Of course, Ped. is closed for weekend. Should I go to the urgent care with my sample diapers in tow? She's smiling and happy, eating normally, and no fever. Has anyone noticed similar stuff in BFed baby poop?

10-03-2004, 02:33 PM
Might be diarrhea. DD had the same stuff at 1 month old. That's when we took her to the ped and they said she is allergic to dairy. I've been off dairy ever since and she's been okay.

I see your post is a few days old. Did you take her to the ped? It's probably just something in your diet she doesn't like.