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10-07-2004, 04:30 PM
hi there ladies, i am a first time aunt to a beautiful baby girl, and seeing as i am older than my sister who had the baby, i think that i should try and help my sister out in anyway i can. my neice is going to be 2 months on the 18 of this month, my question is, on a friday night my niece had runny poop, i mean, it was greenish-yellow and runny, after that she hadnt pooped for about a good 4 days, than again, runny and greenish-yellow...its been another 2 days since she has pooped. whats going on? i mean, should i worry, what would you call this, and is there a way to fix it??....i am very worried.:(

10-13-2004, 03:54 PM
Hi there,

It's so sweet of you to look out for you sister & niece like this. :)

I'm guessing that by now, if your sis was really worried, she has called her pediatrician & all is well. Here are some things to consider:

1. Is baby otherwise acting like herself? Or is she extra fussy, or acting as if she doesn't feel well (pulling at her ear which could signal ear infection), does she feel hot like she could have a fever (if hot, check temp)?

2. Is she breastfed? Breastfed babies might poop several times each day, or they might go several days without pooping, and either scenario is considered normal. Our ped told us this at our 2 month check up. We had days w/lots of poop, & days w/no poop. Also, breastfed babies' poop is most often very liquid and can range in color from bright yellow, to brownish yellow, to greenish yellow. Sometimes looks like there are little seeds in it. Sometimes looks like really runny scrambled eggs. Sometimes just liquid. Sorry if too graphic!!!

Hope this helps. If your sis is worried, she should call her pediatrician. Even if it's all totally normal, the peds are used to new moms calling for every little thing that worries them. These calls are normal and expected by the doctors office. :)

Take care.

10-27-2004, 04:48 PM
thank you jill, it was nice that you replied. i still really didnt get to know what was wrong with my neice, but she is pooping fine now. i am not too sure what caused this to happen to her, but she is fine now, do you think maybe its because she is both on the bottle and breastfed??