View Full Version : chunky diapers

02-04-2005, 08:42 AM
My baby (6 mo) was dx yesterday with mild reflux. SHe had been spitting up a lot the past 2 weeks more than usual. In addition, the past several days her diapers have been weird. Docotr said not to worry about the stools if not diarrhea, bloody, grapey etc. However wanted to see if anyone had anything like this...they were always borwn and runny becasue she is EBF. 2 x over past 2 weeks she got a littel formual (enfamil lipil) but just enough to make a full bottle of breastmilk i.e. 1-2 oz formula. I didn't think that much would make a difference. That was tues. Today (friday) the diapers are still weird, thicker and white in color with chunky like matter (also white). Looks like undigested cereal or something. Any ideas?