View Full Version : concerned about very liquidy poop

10-07-2005, 09:10 PM
My 3 month old DD has been having very liquidy- I mean almost NO "seeds"- poops for the past 5-10 days, before that she was having very runny with some seed poop for about 10 days...and before that her poops were much more the 'normal' excl. BF baby poop (somewhat wet with mustardy plops). Mucous has been present for the past 20 days, kinda off and on, although the past few days she has really stringy globs instead of the expected 'plops' of poop.

The ped said that as long as she is happy, eating well, and gaining weight (all of which she is) that I shouldn't worry, and that I should just watch what I eat (so I've been cutting things out of my diet). HOWEVER, so many of the boards have told me that mucous is NOT normal and that I should have it checked out. 3 different peds at the office said not to worry and have even seen her but they don't seem to "get" my worry about the diarrhea-like poop and esp. mucous.

What should I do? Does anyone have any words of comfort/advice for this new mom?!?!!?! Thank you!

10-11-2005, 09:19 PM
No advice, but you might try posting this in the Butts forum in Baby Bargains Book. Helpful people over there!