View Full Version : Did an earlier bedtime make a difference for you?

10-20-2003, 12:06 PM
Ped (in the same practice as Dr Weisbuth (sp)) wants me to have DS down in bed by 6/6:30 in order to reduce his night wakings (2-5 per night.) She says at his age (4.5 mo) he should feed a max of 2x per evening. I work, so this means less time with him per night. I do admit, he is tired at this time but I keep him up to play with him.

10-20-2003, 02:18 PM
It did work for us in that Colin always slept better when we put him down earlier. I'd be misleading you though, if I let you believe that it ended his nightwakings. Those didn't go away until much later. However, an early bedtime was an important tool in helping Colin to sleep better. Good luck.

10-20-2003, 03:40 PM
Ryan is the same age as your DS and he goes to be between 8-9 pm. We have tried an earlier bedtime but have had no luck. He wakes up around 4 and 6 am to feed right now.

I was wondering how things were going with your ped. I remember how excited you were when you posted about the practice with Weissbluth a few months back. Any other sleep tips or things they suggested?

10-21-2003, 07:30 AM
Martie goes to sleep between 8-9 right now. When we have gotten her to go bed before that she'd wake up earlier between 4-5 AM to eat.

DH & I don't go to bed until around 11 so we still have time together and I'm not so tired in the morning when she goes to sleep b/n 8 - 9.

Our ped. actually told us that we could train her to go to bed later so she'd wake up later.

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10-21-2003, 10:33 AM
In general, I have found that when my DD wakes up in the morning is completely independent of when she goes to sleep at night. So if she goes to bed at 7 (her usual bedtime), she sleeps until 7 am. If she goes to bed at 9, she still only sleeps until 7. This isn't always true, but I have found it to be usually true. And getting those extra few hours sleep at night could be very helpful for both of you and might keep your DS from getting ovetired, which can be a cause of nightwaking.

But I'll be honest, that 6/6:30 bedtime recommended by Weissbluth, et al., is just not practical for a lot of people. If I did that my DH would NEVER see DD. So experiment with what works for you, but an earlier bedtime does work for a lot of people.


10-30-2003, 04:21 PM
I agree that it doesn't seem to make a difference regarding what time he gets up in the morning. Jack does seem to wake up at night more when he is overtired. We usually put him to sleep at 6:45 or 7. It sucks only getting an hour with him at night but he refuses to take a nap when he first comes home and is usually too sleepy to stay up later.

He usually wakes twice but this is highly variable.

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10-31-2003, 08:56 AM
My babe is better rested and naps better when he goes to bed at 630-7. If I keep him up he has more trouble falling asleep at the later time and still wakes up at the same time so he's more tired the next day. But it did not reduce the night wakening. He started going to bed around 7 at around 4 months but woke at least 2x until 6 months and then once through about 8.5 months.

Now he goes down at 630-7 and sleeps till about 530-6.

How late is he staying up? Maybe try putting him down a half an hour earlier so you still get some time with him.

Jen in Chicago
11-20-2003, 09:52 AM
Jude is doing just like your child now. He goes down b/n 6:30 and 7:00 normally. Is up 2x for feeding, then up for the day around 6:00. We are over the 5 or so wakings now, thank goodness! Good or bad, I am not a strict schedule person. 1 night a week or maybe 2 we do things in the evening and he comes along. Last night he was up until almost 8:30 at a dinner party, but was VERY happy and playful.

I have given up on my hope each night when I put him down... this could be the night he sleeps through the night.

We recently stopped nursing, and that did not cause for any sleep problems.

Jen in Chicago
12-04-2003, 09:26 AM
People told me things would change when he turned 6 mo, and they were right! Jude is going to bed around 6:45/7, waking 1 time between 12 and 3, and sleeping until 5:30/6:30. This all started Monday, when we turned 6 months.

I hope this keeps up!

6 months and 4 teeth and I got 2 full nights of sleep b/c DH took the feeding. I feel like a new woman. Since he was born I now have had 3 full nights of sleep.

12-04-2003, 10:01 AM
Yes, it really helped a lot!

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