View Full Version : He wakes at 5!!!

12-12-2003, 06:27 AM
LOL, I notice that this forum gets lots more traffic than others. :)

DS was pretty sick for a couple of weeks, so was napping a lot (4+ hours), going to bed really early (6-6:30), and waking up at his normal time (6:30-7). Now that he's better, naps are hit or miss. Yesterday, he napped for about 2 hours, with two different naps, adn those were difficult to get. The day before that, he napped for 3 hours in a row, readily. He shows signs of tiredness around 6, and I'd been putting him to bed at 6:30. These past few days, I've been pushing it to 7:30-8.

It's not helping. He's been waking up at 5 every morning this week. I can't calm him down (he's never been a happy waker). Sometimes he's pooped...This is brand new to me, as he never even did this when he was a newborn. He had bad diarrhea while he was sick, so I change him (obviously) and slather him with cream because his diaper rash is pretty bad and easily irritated. But there's no way he's going back to sleep after that. Other times, he's not poopy, but HUNGRY. He does the sign for eat/food and makes his food noise. The ped did say that when he regained his appetite, he would want to eat anything and everything. (He lost about 4 lbs in 3 weeks.)

But at 5 am?!?! To add insult to injury, (which is completely irrational, but it's not even 6 am yet and I AM pregnant :P), he is soooooo whiny. This morning he threw a fit when I brought him downstairs because he wanted to play with his markers. I tried to get some food down in front of him as fast as possible, but he didn't want me to let him go. It's bad enough I'm waking up before the freaking rooster next door (yes, really), but for him to be all whiny and crying like that REALLY grates my nerves.

What do I do??? Last night I put him to bed at 8, and he was still up at 5. Makes me think I should move back to the 6-6:30 bedtime just so he gets a few additional hours of sleep. Do you think this is because of the weight loss/eating?

I'm sorry...I'm sure I sound really crabby and snively right now. Last night I couldn't fall asleep before 2 for some reason, and all I could think was, "Oh, only 3 more hours before I need to be awake again!" Luckily, DH and I switch off on days, but this morning it was my turn. :(