View Full Version : Crying out during sleep -- 3 mo. DS having trouble self soothing during naps

04-14-2004, 07:11 PM
I'm hoping some of you have some advice for me -- I'm a first time Mom and can use some help.

My son is 3 months old and over the last week or so he's started to cry out in his sleep (usually during nap time, not at night). He's nonstop sucking his fingers, but even with his fingers in his mouth he stays asleep and continues to cry. When I gently move his fingers away and give him his pacifier, he sucks contentedly and settles into sleep. Within 15-30 minutes he'll start the routine over again.

Any suggestions? Is he having nightmares / bad dreams? How can I give him a gift of comfortable naps?

Thanks in advance,
Logan, 1.20.04

05-04-2004, 01:20 PM
Hi, I'm also a new mom. Daniel is 4 months old now and is a great nighttime sleeper and falls asleep on his own easily at night. Naptime howver is a whole other story. We started Ferberizing this morning and it sucks - but if it works, it's worth it. My guess is that your little one is just trying to self-soothe, but b/c he is now more aware of his surroundings it is harder for him. Try having him sleep in the same place for naps and bedtime and set up a naptime routine (read a book, sing a song...) so that he gets mentally ready to settle down. Daniel started the same thing at three months and I am just now getting firm with him on it. I should have done this earlier b/c I KNOW he can self soothe - it's a batte of the wills at this point. My best advise is to start a routine ASAP and try to let him settle himself with his fingers instead of replacing them with a pacifier. Good Luck!