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04-19-2004, 04:11 AM
My 14 week old baby just figured out how to roll over this weekend! Now that she has a new trick, she likes to practice it all the time. For the past two nights we put her down to sleep on her back, as we have all along, and she eventually flips onto her side to sleep. Occassionally she'll flip herself over onto her tummy, which she does not like at all - usually ends up crying until one of us comes and flips her over, then she returns to the side position.

At 3 months old is it safe for her to be side sleeping? Obviously she's comfortable in this position but I don't want to raise her risk of SIDS. Do you think I need a sleep positioner or just let her be?

04-23-2004, 10:45 AM
My 4 month old did the same thing a few weeks ago and she really hated it because she'd end up face down in her sleep (freaked me out!). I finally figured out that's what those sleep postitioners must be for! I didn't buy one but someone had given me one. Worked like a charm. but I really only needed it for a few days. She's pretty mobile now.

Victoria never did like sleeping on her back (except for the month or so she would only sleep in her car seat) and had always slept on her side.

Good luck!

Live long and prosper,