View Full Version : Help! He screams during his bed time routine.

Momma Bear
04-19-2004, 10:30 PM
Every night when we try to put Henry, our 9 week old son, to bed he cries when we put his clothes on after his bath. I tried moving up his bed time from 9 to 7 and it didn't help (it did help his general crabbiness). We also tried to change up some of the routine... Here is our typical routine:

bath, massage, dress him, feed him and dance to a song... then he goes to sleep for atleast 9 hours (very nice, I know). It's the dressing him that's the hardest part. He screams like we are trying to kill him. If he didn't kick off all his blankets during the night I'd be tempted to put him to bed in just his diaper. We've tried to switch the massage & the bath and the feeding and the dressing... to know avail. He still screams bloody murder the entire time.

Any suggestions? I guess I should mention that if I need to change him during the day he's usually happy and doesn't cry at all.

04-26-2004, 01:03 PM
Wish I had a suggestion for you- I just wanted to post because we have this exact problem. We read a book, take a bath, do massage, then put on diaper and nightshirt and nurse. Our son (about 6 mo now) always fusses and sometimes screams bloody murder when we put his diaper and nightshirt on. Like your son, diaper changes during the day are no problem. So, I dunno why the nighttime diaper and clothing is such a problem! So much for a nice soothing routine, eh?

We have successfully completed the routine without tears a couple times when both my husband and I were available to participate in the goodnight routine- while one of us does the dressing, the other reads a book and shows the pictures to our son. He was sufficiently distracted to forget to cry. Unfortunately, usually there's only one of us at bedtime.

So, anyway I sympathize! All I can figure is maybe he'll get used to the routine and grow out of it?

05-04-2004, 01:20 AM
Just wondering - is your baby too hot? Our little bathroom gets pretty steamy by the end of Daniel's bath. Sometimes he's even a little sweaty when we snuggle in for his bottle. Maybe try dressing him in his room. I don't know... just reaching here...

Also, on warm nights, Daniel sleeps in a sleep sack and diaper - that's it. You could put his diaper on and then put him in his sleep sack at the very end of the routine.

Good Luck, Jennifer