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04-28-2004, 11:17 AM
Here's an interesting behaviour / problem that I am not sure has a solution. My 4.5 mo old has been rolling over in his sleep and crying. We sleep with him so usually he hits me and I keep him from rolling over, but last night I let him a few times and watched him struggle to sleep. But he is not comfortable sleeping on his stomach. So he was pushing up and laying back down with his eyes closed and started whining a bit. I flipped him back over and he attempted to roll a few more times (which I stopped him from doing) and he fell asleep on his side. During all of this he did not open his eyes once.

Anybody else out there have this problem? Any solutions. It's bad enough that he wakes every two to three hours to feed, but waking me between those hours has got to stop.

Zev's Mommy

04-30-2004, 05:47 PM
Our DS (4 months) just started doing this too, and since we swaddle him, he would end up face down and unable to do anything about it. We started putting a rolled-up towel on either side of him (he sleeps in a crib) and they have kept him from rolling. If there isn't enough room in your bed for the towels, I have seen other members post good things about the sleep positioners you can buy.

Incidentally, DS has started sleeping better and waking much less frequently since we started using the towels, but we started that the same time we started using the crib, so I don't know which is responsible for the improvement!