View Full Version : CO-SLEEPERS...What to do once baby is mobile/crawling

09-30-2004, 02:23 AM
We are happily co-sleeping with our son but have two issues now that he's crawling: (1) We don't feel comfortable leaving him alone in the bed for naps (for fear he'll just crawl right off the bed!). So, we've started putting him in the playyard and that seems to be working fine, but I'm just curious what other people do. And, (2) The bigger issue is that we're afraid he'll crawl off the bed at night. We have a toddler railing up on my side of the bed so I can nurse him on either on side of me and that was working great until now... this morning I found him almost at the foot of the bed (he appeared to have crawled backwards to get there!) and also he's started grabbing the railing and trying to pull himself up and I'm worried he's going to topple over it and onto the floor. I'd like to know if others have encountered these problems and what they've done to solve them.


ellies mom
10-01-2004, 02:34 AM
Once I caught DD about to crawl off the bed, I started to put her to sleep in her crib. For the first part of the night I'll put her back to sleep in the crib if she wakes up but generally by morning I've brought her into sleep with us. She is a snacker for the last few hours in the morning so I haven't had any problems with her heading off the bed while I'm sleeping.