View Full Version : 16 month old only going down to sleep with Daddy

12-24-2004, 12:45 AM
DS, has been put down to sleep for the night by DH. Which is great for me, especially at the beginning, when I was sooo sleep deprived.

The problem is that now he would not sleep if I am around. He acts differently when I am in his room than if my husband is the only one in the room. DH can put him down without much fuss / crying, but not with me. DH thinks that DS wants to play when I am around (he is more active, giggles, etc. on my lap, but he would scream if we put him in the crib).

I would like to be able to put him down for naps and at night, especially that in May we might be travelling overseas without DH.

Any suggestions you may have are appreciated.