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02-15-2005, 08:53 AM
My 4.5 month old never went to sleep with a pacifier. We had to take her on 4 plane trips (to visit my husband's family) and she started having fluid in her ears. Plus, her acid reflux got worse. The only thing that calmed her was her paci, and now she won't sleep without it. Every time it falls out, she wakes up! I would just let her cry and Ferberize her, but she is sleeping in her car seat for the next couple of weeks (to help with the reflux) and letting her cry too much aggravates the gas and the reflux. HELP!

02-17-2005, 07:57 PM
Hello! My 1st born was crazy about pacifiers, she would work two pacifiers at the same time. We had so many that we could open our own store. I read a cute story in a magazine on how this lady got her little one off the pacifier. She said that there was a little pupply somewhere who really needed a pacifier- binky whatever your chose of words are, and since your older now maybe you can give yours to the fairy and she will give it to the little puppy. Then just wrap up the pacifier and leave it ouside the door for the fairy to pick it up.

My daughter was speeched delayed, so I couldn't tell her that story, so what I did was every couple of days I would cut a little bit off the nipple, and she sarted to find it difficult to keep it in her mouth, finally after all the cutting, and trying to keep it in her mouth. She was over the pacifier.

As for the reflux, and the fluid in the ears talk to your doctor. Our neighbors baby had the reflux, so they put him on some medication and after a couple of weeks he came good. My cousins baby had the fluid in the ears, the doctor told them that the baby should not be flat in bed with the bottle, that is how they get liquid in their ears. Keep the baby up with a pillow or something if your going to give them a bottle in bed. I hope that is some help to you. Also, gripe water is supposed to be good. Look it up online.

Hope this helps!

02-22-2005, 11:58 AM
Thanks! I made her quit the paci cold turkey when we "Ferberized" her and she hasn't needed it since. The fluid went away, we found out she was teething, and put her on Zantac for the reflux. All is good!