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03-05-2005, 07:58 PM
Hello all,

My ds was sleep trained at 6 months using CIO. Took only 2 nights, and he was great. We used weissbluth as a guide. He was sleeping from 7 to 7:30/8am with only a feeding around 4 or 5am, with very little or no nightwaking. He got very croup a couple weeks ago, and everything went askew. We had him "re-learn" again in 1 night and it was good for a week. This past week he has been fighting his nightsleep by crying endlessly and making himself vomit after 30-40 min of crying. We would clean it up and then I would calm him down by a short nurse. He then would protest a little then fall asleep. However, he then wakes up almost every 2 hours crying himself back to sleep within 5 min. What is going on? My husband and I are very puzzled and not sure what to do. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful at this point.

Mommy to Noah (5/19/04)

03-21-2005, 04:30 PM
You might want to consider taking him into the doc to see if he's got an ear infection. My son had been reliably sleeping through the night for several months, but started waking up, crying at around 8 months. At his 9 month exam I mentioned this sleep pattern change to the doc. A peek in his ears discovered a double ear infection, which he must have developed after fighting several colds in a row. Son exhibited NO other signs of ear infection (fever, fussiness, ear pulling, etc.). Did the antibiotic thing, and he began to sleep through the night after a few days. Now we know that if he stops sleeping through the night, he's probably got another ear infection (happened 2 more times already). Doc thought lying down, lack of stimuli/distractions, etc. made son realize his ears hurt at night vs. not even noticing during daytime. Hope this helps!