View Full Version : Baby Papasan cradle/swing - difficulty waking baby

Buddha Baby
08-01-2005, 09:10 AM

In desperation because I think we are hitting the colicky stage with our 6 week old son, I went out and purchased the Baby papasan cradle swing. Last night, my husband told me he had a difficult time waking our son up (he ha slept for 4 hours straight and he wanted to give him a bottle before he went ot bed at midnight). He had the swing going the whole time our son slept. He took him out and laid him on the boppy - nothing. He moved his arms and legs still nothing. Our son was breathing fine and his color was fine the entire time and his temperature was fine. My husband did get him to sort of wake up enough to take the bottle and then our son really woke up and cried when his diaper was changed afterwards.

Is it normal for these cradle/swings to knock baby's out into dreamland so deeply? Has anyone else had this happen to them. Before I call the Pediatrician and make an @#$ of myself with silly question, I thought I would check here. Thanks.