View Full Version : I want my bed back!! Ds has crib radar.

12-01-2006, 11:56 PM
Ds is 12 months old and was doing great sleeping in his crib through the night and then he caught roseola about a month and a half ago. Since then he's slept with us at night and I can't get him to even nap in his own crib.
Today I tried to put him down for nap in his crib and he screamed for about 20 minutes and I'm not sure if he fell asleep or passed out. He was quiet for awhile and then the screaming started again. I was thinking it was a seperation anxiety thing since he's really started cruising in the past couple of weeks and he's learning how to stand on his own. But to tell you the truth , I'm getting tired of the whole thing. I just wish he'd sleep in his own crib. There's no problem getting him to sleep at a reasonable hour. He falls asleep for his afternoon nap at about 1:30 after i put dd down for hers, I nurse him down. The problem is when I try to put him in his crib. His eyes open,he looks at me and starts wailing. I try and sooth him and he just won't have it. He has no trouble falling asleep at night-usually out by the time dh comes downstairs from putting dd to sleep, but once again the cribdar strikes and he's up and wailing as soon as his butt hits the crib mattres. Put him in our bed and he sleeps like a rock. Nap and Night. Try the crib and he just screams. Any suggestions-I'm out of ideas.


12-04-2006, 10:05 AM
My DS is younger, he's only almost 4mos, but I did the co-sleeping thing for awhile and wanted my bed back too. Only difference is neither of us were getting any sleep at all, if i moved he woke up, causing many night time wakenings. I didn't want to put him to sleep in his own crib, but it had to be done. Has he slept fine before he got sick? I've heard of many ways to try to get them to sleep in their crib. one technique is putting them in the crib and sitting in the room w/ them in a chair until they go to sleep. You don't talk to them, just show them you are still there, when they fall asleep, you leave. only downfall is you have to do it every time they wake up. Every other night you are suppose to move the chair farther away from the crib. Other method you could try is "controlled Crying" put them to bed, go in to comfort in intervals, you can pick them up to calm them down, but never leave the room, when they are calm, lay them back down and try again. I got lucky that DS doesn't fuss when I lay him down at night, but I read up because i never expected him to adjust so well....hope I gave you some ideas. good luck