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12-28-2006, 09:49 PM
DS is 2 yr 8 months. He really can't nap in the afternoon any more. We've tried keeping it to an hour or less and ending it before 2pm. But, if he sleeps for even 30 minutes at noon, he's up until 10pm. He'll still get up at 6:30 and then be miserable all day.

When he doesn't nap, he isn't too cranky, and he is asleep by 7:45 and generally sleeps until 7:30. We much prefer this! As much as I miss having an hour in the afternoon to myself, I would rather have an extra 2 hours in the evening.

But, he is so tired during the day. It's really a struggle to keep him up. Being in the car in the afternoon is out of the question as he'll sleep. It's crazy. It's only been a week or so since we've started skipping them, but I am wondering how to get him past this tiredness. Any suggestions?

12-30-2006, 11:56 AM
We have been in the same boat. DD is almost 3 and she is just starting to be able to make it thru the day - in a reasonable fashion without her nap. If she napped, she was up until 11pm or midnight! Now, if she doesn't nap - she sleeps a solid 12 hours - about 7pm to 7am. I feel your pain... I also can't go anywhere in the afternoon, or else she will sleep in the car. She will still doze off in the car maybe every other day - or every 2 days, but it has been easier for her to go to sleep at night. I think she is just so overtired from skipping the naps. (A few months ago)- For a while, I just gave in and let her nap realizing that she would be up insanely late. In a few months, it should get better... that is what has happened here. Good luck!

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01-29-2007, 11:19 AM
Could you try an every-other-day approach? That is, do a nap on alternate days.

My 14-month old does not need a morning nap every day, every other day seems to be sufficient and this is what we did with our 2 year old too. I have no idea how it would work with an afternoon nap.

Another option, would be to tell the child that he needs to have quiet time in his bed for 30 minutes in the afternoon. He might sleep, he might not, but it might give him the down time he needs to be pleasant the rest of the day and still go to bed at a normal time.

As for the bedtime, I would keep it the same regardless of whether he napped or not. Explain to him that he doesn't have to sleep, but he does need to be stay in his bed, close his eyes, and not talk. I did this with a girl I used to babysit and, surprisingly, it worked, at least with her.