View Full Version : Do they make seatbelts for cribs?? :-)

02-23-2007, 09:22 AM
OK, besides a potentially teething 12 wk old (for some reason...I am still skeptical until I see some white show through...), we seem to have a baby that rolls and shifts in his sleep. The last several nights now, DS has woken up and we discover him sideways or upside down from how we laid him down. An arm or two may be out of the swaddle also. One time we kept a crack open in the door to watch what was going on (no video monitor), and DS lifts up his legs, does a half roll in his swaddle (can't roll over yet), and this shifts his position a little. He keeps doing this and BAM...he's upside down.

We think this may be contributing to him waking up more. How can we strap him in?? :-)

I want out baby who would sleep until 2 or 3am back! He's waking up at 11, 2, and then 5 which isn't unheard of...it's just that we got used to the sleep.

02-23-2007, 02:06 PM
12 weeks is a big age for development- growth spurt and probably just about time to work on rolling.

I would just spend time doing lots of tummy time during the day so that you can encourage his rolling over skills. (I found that it helped to put a rolled up towel or bolster pillow under ds' chest during tummy time for him to "get" how to roll over- or at least make tummy time more fun!). You will find that before each new skill (rolling, crawling, walking...) sleep gets disrupted. So, the sooner they master the skill the better. :)

Maybe try without the swaddle tonight and see what that does for sleep. You may find that he rolls in his sleep. And may be more comfortable since he can pick his position. We never swaddled and ds was all over the place from day one. His sleep seemed to follow pretty standard baby patterns (good phases/ bad phases). So, I wouldn't pin disrupted sleep on squirminess but probably his desire to learn a new skill as well as a growth spurt.

Good luck!!


02-26-2007, 05:52 PM
Yeah, DS is rolling around a lot and starting to do head lifts for longer periods of time. I can tell he's going to do a mini push up soon! I tried putting him on his tummy on a boppy and he enjoyed that too. We got him one of those activiy gyms/mats and he has so much fun, he forgets to yawn to let us know he's tired! Had a few problems getting him down for a nap the first day...he wanted to keep playing.

Well, no swaddle is a no no for him apparently. He couldn't fall asleep at all! :-( But we tried covering him with another receiving blanket and tucking the ends under the mattress to strap him down and that seemed to work. Kinda an iffy thing to do, but it is tucked under well...

02-27-2007, 11:19 PM
I bought the Miracle Blanket for DD at about 12 wks (wish I had had it sooner). She slept like a dream in it. I would recommend it for "immobilizing" your son if you can find one used or borrow one. Your son sounds like he'll be a roller, so I don't think I would invest in a new one. Teaching DD to sleep without it was painful, but no worse than getting her through the other non-sleep phases we have seen (teeth, standing, separation anxiety...)

03-15-2007, 06:39 PM
Well, apparently I should combine multiple threads, but you were right...just a few weeks early. Today he started being a rolling maniac! I mentioned elsewhere we had to wean him off the swaddle. Finally last night he slept for more than 2 hours and today...roll roll roll. But he only rolls from his back to his tummy, not the other way around! Kind of odd, but hey. He's having a grand ol' time!

I just hope he continues to sleep!

03-15-2007, 09:33 PM
Your DS sounds like an overachiever: he's rolling the "hard" way first!

After talking with a lot of my friends who also have babies, it seems like our kids all want to be tummy sleepers. I think it just takes the kiddos a little while to adapt to sleeping a) without the swaddle and b) on that tummy. I don't really remember, but I think it took DD about a week to adapt.

They look so cute sleeping with their little bottoms up in the air!