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10-13-2006, 09:56 AM
Every baby is different, I know. But, I am getting a bit concerned that DD is not interested in moving at all. She sits up fine and will change her direction by turning in a circl while seated, but will not go down to her belly, army crawl or put any sort of pressure on her legs. She plays in the exersaucer just fine. We even got a walker which she treats like an exersaucer and does not walk in. She absolutely hates tummy time-do we just leave her their to cry (which is what some people have suggested and I am appalled)?. We put her on her belly and try to play, giggle and distract her but she still hates it.

As far as reaching around, if something is out of reach, she just won't try to play with it. She will then just play with what is in front of her, even it is just the rug she is sitting on! I want to encourage her but don't know how. I have tried toys, building block towers for her to knock, but nothing.

Otherwise she is a fine,healthy girl. I just would have thought that by now she would at least be rolling around more or enjoying scooting on her belly.
I don't want to sound like an army sargeant, its not that I want her to be walking proficiently but I just want her to be curios enough to want to move. Is this unreasonable?

10-13-2006, 10:03 AM
while my child did roll at this age, he did not walk or even crawl. he is now the fastest running three year old i know! so i wouldn't get too worried. but maybe check in with your ped just for reassurance. many kids don't walk until well after 12 months and many don't crawl at all.

keep doing what you are doing- trying to engage her in activities that promote movement and curiosity. hold her up and let her stand in your lap to encourage her to use her legs. try holding her hands so she can stand on the ground. if she won't put weight on her legs, she could need to have her hips checked out. but if she stands in an exersaucer, it sounds like she just doesn't feel the need to move about yet.

10-13-2006, 10:12 AM
Does she not want to put any weight on her legs?? I would definitely get that checked asap. It's not about being a sargeant to me. Babies should have a desire to explore and there's probably something wrong if they don't, IMO.

I would be more than a little concerned with a dc who had no desire to move around by the age of 6-7M. IMO, tummy time is highly under-rated these days. Whether it's a matter of convenience or just a matter of ignorance is the question that boggles my mind.

Kudos to you for being a loving and attentive mommy who looks for answers. :) Please keep us updated.



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10-13-2006, 10:13 AM
When avi hated tummy time we would lay him over the boppy or something simaler, that really helped him. His activity center also had a small firm pillow that we would prop him up on so that he could reach.

All children have different temperments as well and avi is a child who likes to be in the action all the time and who explores everything. Maybe your dd is the type of child to hang back and one day she will start to crawl or walk when she knows she will be able to do it.

If you are really concerned i would bring it up with your Dr either at the next appt or if you call him/her on the phone to talk about it.

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10-13-2006, 10:56 AM
My dd was very similar, just a happy contented sort of baby. She started crawling at 11 months, and is just now thinking about pulling to a stand. She wasn't much of a roller either. I would discuss it with your ped, but it may just be her timeline-probably nothing to worry about.
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10-13-2006, 11:20 AM
At 10 months, my major concern wouldn't be that she couldn't walk/crawl, but more that she is not willing/able to put weight on her legs. My suggestion would be an early intervention evaluation to get that checked out. If there is no physical reason for her not weight bearing, at least you've ruled out some problems there. Not crawling by 10 months is not very delayed, but the fact that she's not rolling around more and generally finding other ways to be mobile is also a concern IMO.

It may be nothing, but I would want it checked out in my DC. (coming from a physical therapist's perspective).

Also, I'd skip the saucer and walker entirely at this point. They do not enhance motor development and may actually lead to delays. I have a bunch of old threads in the around the house forum


(that link contains links to several more posts on the topic).

You can self-refer to EI if your ped isn't helping you with your concerns.

10-13-2006, 12:07 PM
A good friend had a DS like this - at a year he still just sat, didn't crawl, very rarely rolled, didn't stand or try to cruise or anything. I think she let it go a little too long, but it turned out to be really low muscle tone. She talked with a pediatric PT and got some ideas of strength building exercises and they really helped him quickly. He still was delayed but is now crawling, walking, running, climbing at 18 months and you'd never know anything was wrong. I would encourage you to do an EI evaluation too - at the least, it would ease your mind if nothing is found, and it could make a huge difference if they find something they can work with her on. Hugs mama!

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10-13-2006, 12:26 PM
I totally could have written this post (although DD is a couple weeks younger). She just has no desire to "go" anywhere. If she's on her back, she's more than content to look at the ceiling, if she's on her stomach, she's more than content to just look around that way. However, she is HUGE into standing. She won't do it by herself, but if you stand her up (say at the edge of the couch, or at her learning table), she'll stand there for, well, a long time (usually until her feet slip and she ends up doing a better split than I could ever dream of). SHe'll even stand between my legs if I hold her hands. But she won't move her feet, even if we try and 'guide' her (this is more what DH does instead of me).

If she's on her tummy and something she wants (usually a block), she'll do th swimming move: she kind of froggy legs and flaps her arms, but doesn't get the concept that if she digs in, she'll go somewhere.

10-13-2006, 02:13 PM
>I would be more than a little concerned with a dc who had no
>desire to move around by the age of 6-7M.

Hmmm, my DD didn't and it seems many others don't either.

I think the PP is on the right track to get the weightbearing issue checked with the Dr and EI if necessary but many, many babies crawl later than 6-7 months - I don't think it's all that concerning. :)


P.S. We had my DD evaluated for EI at 2 (she walked just shy of 18 months) and she qualified for speech but her gross motor did not qualify. So even with a late start, kids can do just fine.

10-13-2006, 02:31 PM
We are having similar concerns. DD is just 12 months and doesn't crawl, finally will play on belly some just in the last 2 weeks, absolutely can not handle weight bearing down on her arms, just finally will bear some weight on her legs if you help support her. We are getting her evaluated with First Steps - a government program you might have in your state - thanks to Beth's advice who posted above. We start the steps towards evalulation next week. I"m worried, but she is 4 weeks early putting her at 11 months corrected age, but still is way behind. Your DD is more moble as she will turn in circles, which I think is a great sign, my DD has never done that. GL, not sure what to think but I too am concerned. I hope she one of the ones who just gets moving later and has no actual muscle issues.

Google, First Steps in your state if you are thinking of getting her evaluated :)

10-13-2006, 02:56 PM
Mama's intuition is a powerful thing, so if you are worried, take her to your ped or get an EI just in case.

That being said, my DS had very little interest in movement until 10.5 months. He was just a very content, placid little guy, always hated tummy time and didn't roll over much either. And was never particularly interested in things he couldn't reach. Then one day he just started crawling. He walked at a normal age and ever since then has actually been physically advanced for his age.

Crawling isn't actually a milestone so I'd be surprised if anything is wrong but it sounds as though the PTs and other medical folk think the not-putting-pressure-on thing sets off alarm bells. So talk to your doc and take it from there!

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10-14-2006, 07:46 PM
Thanks Everyone for your encouraging words. We actually had DD's 10 month checkup yesterday where our pediatrician did confirm that she is behind in movement but her hips and upper body are in great shape. She will put one arm down on the ground and sort of spin and I can see her moving her legs in a split. She wants to get down and move but it is almost like she is just scared to do it. Just last night, she did get down on her belly from the sitting position twice and spent over 30 continuous minutes on her belly with no complaints (thanks to Baby Mozart!). Her pediatrician did give us a number for EI and we will be calling on Monday.

10-14-2006, 08:27 PM
I didn't say immobile babies weren't common.

My DS is only occasionally crawling on all fours but he's been military crawling since 5M. More importantly, he's recently been cruising which means he's on his way to walking independently.

THe muscles they use to move/walk are strengthened many months prior to walking independently. It all begins with tummy time which is why I said it's highly under-rated(IMO).

I know opinions vary. I was just stating mine. :)