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07-07-2004, 10:46 AM
I expected to hear some conflicting informaton at some point, but was hoping that the Baby 411 book could be my "bible."

Here's what I remember that was different.

1. Temperature taking -- the baby care class said that underarm is the way to go, because rectal is "invasive" -- no kidding! I was planning to do rectal temps for the accuracy, but we'll see what the pediatrician says when I meet her. My impression of underarm is that it seems to be a pain, and also seems like it's hard to get a good read. Never tried either, so who knows!

2. The bulb syringe -- the baby care class pretty much raved about this, but I have never liked the idea of the bulb syringe and really liked the book's recommendation to use saline drops. I asked the teacher about saline drops and she kind of blew it off.

However, the class I went to was good and I did learn things. I'm hoping that my pediatrician will be in agreement with most of the information in Baby 411, because it's an awesome book!

due 10-15-04

07-31-2005, 10:56 PM
The rectal temp is the most accurate. However a tympanic (ear) thermometer works just as well in infants. If you do it under the arm you need to add a degree to your results to make it accurate. The bulb is the most wonderous invention! If you simply shoot nasal saline in the baby's nose you are washing it down into the lungs as the child breaths in. Whereas following a small amount of saline with the bulb suction not only helps loosen the mucus up, but it also removes it completely from the body. Babies can only breathe through their nose, clearing it for them makes it easier for them to breathe. Despite the crying they will appreciate it in the long run!