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03-18-2005, 12:47 PM
My circumcised 6 mo. old son had a penile adhesion. I brought this to the attention of his pediatrician shortly after the circ healed and at that time he said, "don't worry about it". I always thought that the pediatrician had not taken enough skin off. Now 5 months later, at our well baby check on Tuesday, the doc finally said that he did have an adhesion which needed to be taken care of right away. The doc then proceeded to forcibly retract the foreskin to expose about 1/4 inch more of the head of the penis. It was extrememly red and white stuff came out (which I understand to be just normal skin shedding) which he removed. When the doc did this, there appeared to be one adhesion which was just a little "string" of skin attached on the left side of the penis. The doc then snipped it with scissors without numbing it first and of course my poor baby screamed even more. I had asked for the doc to numb it first, but he claimed that it would have made it worse. Right when I got home, I made an appointment for next Wed. with a pediatric urologist to get a second opinion. This guy seems to be the only pediatric urologist in the Palm Springs area, and unfortunately I don't know anything about him, so I'm hoping he is good. Otherwise, I am considering a drive to either San Diego or L.A. Now my son's penis is very red and sore when touched- I'm applying antibiotic ointment with each diaper change. My main concerns right now are: 1) Was it right for the pediatrician to retract and snip? 2) Was it right for him not to use at least a topical numbing agent like Emla? 3) Will the raw surface that has now been exposed, heal correctly without further adhesions even though the extra fat or foreskin continues to hang over it? 4) Can someone recommend a good pediatric urologist in San Diego, L.A. or Palm Springs? I feel sick to my stomach that this happened and wish that I would have told the doc to stop what he was doing. Please help!!

03-23-2005, 09:38 PM
Just reading your post. I have 3 sons and all I can say is OH MY GOD what a butthead. I would say call/look up your local or nearest childrens hospital. Find out who heads the ped urology dept. Start there. It is hard to stand up to a doc but you now know you are your DS only advocate. I feel so bad for you ( and your little man). Hope he is doing better. Have the consultation see how you feel about the doc if you like him ask around ask about his back ground and experience how long he has practiced in the area. Be blunt and tell him you were VERY unhappy with your son's ped. Ask if there are ways for things like that to be less painfull and still safe. Did he explain how to take care of his penis in the interim? My Ds had a milder problem. When he took his baths ( after he soaked a bit) take the wash cloth and kind of work the skin back and clean around/under the looser skin. I is much easier after soaking. I had to do that for a long time. Eventually I could give him the wash cloth and tell him to clean it himself. I think he was about 3 then.
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