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10-02-2006, 12:09 AM
Thank you guys for your help and comments. Last night was scary for me and I needed to reach out to someone...glad you were there. I spoke to my regular pedi just a little bit ago, although he thinks highly of his partner he doesn't want to be quick to diagnose RAD or asthma. He suggests we go with the Singulair and some expectorant...along with a vaporizor and Vicks plug ins. Their cough has been quiet since they've been awake. I put them down for a nap about an hour ago and I heard one of them coughing again...really ugly sound. I gave them some expectorant before naptime.

I will make an appt with a pedi allergist today along with a pedi dermatologist.

Thanks for responding and caring! :* :* :* :* :*

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My 2 yo twin sons have been coughing since late last week. It started out mild and has gotten worse. First at night only and now it happens at different times during the day and night. Both are asleep now. They slept quietly for about 3 hours and now have been coughing intermitantly. It's an awful sounding cough.

Visited pedi on Friday who had a sub in for him. The sub is an older doctor and didn't talk much. His diagnosis: Restrictive Airway Disease. He said their coughs were 'wet' and he could hear it in their lungs. He also said that it was croupy. Asked whether regular pedi had ever given us Singulair (nope). He also said that he noticed that one of them has eczema and the other a rash on his face...could all be connected and end up being asthma so don't be surprised. He also said that my sons would be sick like this all winter and during the change in temps. Okay. He gave me Singulair and some Dimetap for both. I haven't given them the meds because I'm waiting to speak to our pedi who has seen my twins since birth...he knows them.

Anyone in similar situation? Is this something that will go away? Will it become asthma? What have you tried that helps?

I'm just plain worried right now. TIA

10-02-2006, 12:26 AM
DD was diagnosed with RAD 2 winters ago at almost 2 years old, after having a horrible winter (2 hosptital stays - pneumonia and bronchiolitis). They had her on breathing treatments, which was the only thing that helped during those horrible coughing spells. Every time she got a cold for about a year, she would end up needing breathing treatments. The dr. put her on Singulair for that and some allergies she has. It has helped, and we haven't had to use the breathing treatments in almost a year. I also think she has grown out of it, which is common. She also had eczema.

I would see what your regular ped says. The cough could very likely be just a lingering side effect from a cold. RAD is more than a cough, but a long-term cough is one symptom.

If it ends up being RAD, it is very common for children to grow out of, if treated properly. I hope they're feeling better soon and that you are able to get some better answers with your regular ped.

10-02-2006, 02:01 AM
BTDT!!! My almost 4 year old was diagnosed two years ago. I think it is the same thing, although he has also referred to it as an asthmatic cough. It sounds really harsh and barking, almost like the croup. It is so sad to listen to him cough, so I know how you feel! Also the diagnosis totally freaked me out. I'm not that familiar with asthma, and really hope it doesn't turn into full asthma. We treated him with Flovent daily and Albuterol for "attacks" for about a year. I was skeptical about the diagnosis, but over time I have realized that when I am not consistent with his meds and we run into a trigger the cough comes back and is bad. About 6 months ago we switched to Singulair and I have felt much better about that, especially since it is not a steriod like the other meds. I'm hoping he grows out of it. For DS the triggers are a cold and a change in weather (Colder or wet).

That being said, if you can live with the cough wait to talk to your ped, if only because you are more comfortable with him and know that he knows your kids. I found the diagnosis really difficult to accept, and would tape the cough to play for me dr. so he could really hear it. Over time I have come to recognize different types of coughs (asthmatic or RAD, congested, etc.) but for DS other sickness nearly always leads to the RAD cough if I haven't had him on his medicine.

ETA: My DS also has eczema, and also food allergies (although they havn'e ever been able to figure out what they are to). They are all connected. Reflux can also make it worse or be a trigger as well.

Good luck. They really will be ok.

10-02-2006, 05:38 AM
BTDT - My daughter had lots of respiratory stuff for the first 4-5 years of her life. We did Singulair, nebulizer treatments, etc., and even had a few hospital stays.

Here's the good news! She's now 6 1/2, and we've only used the nebulizer once in past year, and she's been off the singulair for more than a year. I think we've turned the corner, and we're growing out of this stuff.

Good luck!!

10-02-2006, 07:26 AM
Let me preface this by saying I come frome a family with a long history of breathing problems, 5 generations of asthma. I take singulair and my daughter(11) takes it. I think it is far better than any of the previous drugs I have taken. It allows me to control my allergies and asthma without oral steroids. It reduces the need for albuterol. My daughter went through similar problems as your son, we spent years battling that cough, finally I took her to my allergist. He put her on singulair. She has been on it for five years. Last year, she didn't need her inhaler or an antibiotic. Singulair has been around in Europe for a long time. The studies indicate early use will prevent further damage to the lungs, alllowing some kids to outgrow these problems. One other thought, some peds are better with asthma than others. And some are awful. An allergist is the way to go in my opinion, asthma is a chronic illness, it needs a specialist.
Good luck,

10-02-2006, 12:40 PM
See your regular ped. You have two issues here. First, it seems way early to be thinking Reactive Airway Disease. As in, I have a 2.5 year old who's on Pulmicort a lot. A whole lot. And her ped says "Oh, no, I wouldn't diagnose her with reactive airways or asthma yet. Lots of little kids are like this. She needs a little help dealing with infections, that's all. We'll worry when she's, oh, 4-ish." Second, if your kids have something vaguely asthma-like and eczema, yeah, they could have allergies. It would be really handy to find out what they're allergic to instead of just treating the symptoms!

Note that with appropriate medications, DD is NOT sick all winter. Also note that DD got sick first waaay before 2, so I have no idea why he's so doom and gloom.

10-02-2006, 03:49 PM
We're dealing with the same thing with DS. He got the first case of this at 6 mos old, and every time since that he's gotten any cold/allergy this kicks in (4 yrs old now). He's been coughing to the point of choking for the past 2 weeks now (and the doctor hears wheezing in his chest). They have him taking Albuterol (Fun!) right now, but said that if this continues, we need to schedule an asthma consult and look into preventative measures. Argh.

Also, the Restrictive Airway Disease and Asthma is kind of the same thing. They just told me that they don't like to call it Asthma, since that words scares people.

Hang in there, and I hope they feel better soon!