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01-22-2005, 08:25 PM
I would like to take my baby on vacation this spring. He is now 6 months but will be 9 months when we travel. We would be flying to the Gulf Coast for about a week. The flight time would be about two hours. I have two primary concerns: (1.) safety (e.g., falls and choking hazards in a rental home) and (2.) baby will be out of his sleeping routine and home environment. This is my first child so I don’t know what to expect—developmentally. Does any one have any advice to go or not given his age? I would really like to do this vacation but I’m afraid that I’ll be exhausted trying to keep my son safe and comfortable in a new environment. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much.

01-28-2005, 07:25 PM
Just my 2 cents, but I would definitley go. Travel gets harder once they start walking so go now! You can bring some familiar things with you and try to keep to his schedule a bit. Yes, there will be some disruption, but it doesn't get easier, imo. Try to relax and enjoy your trip.

02-24-2005, 07:22 PM
I've been traveling with my son (now 14 months) since he was four months old. My secret was bringing a blanket that he was used to, that smelled like his crib at home. There was one trip when he absolutely refused to sleep in the little crib that my mother-in-law set up for him (he was 5 months old at the time) I ended up sleeping with him during that trip. Since then he's slept wherever, as long as he had his blanket. As for safety, just do a sweep when you get there and move/eliminate the obvious problems (low knick-knacks, etc.) The other thing? Just relax. Generally, babies are not as fast as you are, so as long as you're keeping an eye out, you should be fine. Bring a pack of the plastic outlet plugs and some door handle blockers--this all depends of course, on whether or not your son is mobile. If your baby isn't crawling by 9 months, you're in even better shape. If like mine he isn't just crawling, but trying to walk, it just means a little eye out.

03-09-2005, 09:39 AM
Yes, you should definitely go! My daughter is 8 months old and we took a few car trips with her right away during the summer and she went on her first flight at 2 months. She was fine on the flight, but I do know now that a 2 month old does not enjoy a college football game! When she was 4 months old I took her to Naples, Florida and she did great. I took her back again when she was 6 months old and am planning another trip soon. Our pediatrician recommended giving her a bottle during take off and landing to help prevent problems with her ears. Also, every time I've flown with her, I've tried to arrange the flight schedules during her nap times so she'd fall asleep on the plane...so far she's been an angel in the air:) If you fly Air Tran to the Gulf Coast, I also really recommend trying to upgrade your seat when you get to the airport...it's only $50 and well worth it for the extra space and to sit up front with a little one. One great thing about a lot of places like Naples is that there are often shops where you can rent baby items, like a crib and a stroller for the beach, and car seats. Have a great time....he will love a change of scenery!

07-05-2005, 07:48 PM
Just a comment from my own personal experience. DS is adopted, and we flew to Japan for a 4 week stay. We took custody of him from the time he was discharged from the hospital (4 days old). DS is 2 months old now. He lived in hotels (in Yokosuka and Tokyo) for his first month.

It is possible to travel with a baby, but don't have a rigorous itinerary and don't expect to do a whole lot because your schedule will likely revolve around him (less so at 9 months probably than at 1 month old).

You might want to bring along some baby-proofing supplies and be sure to baby-proof the rental home as soon as you get there. (Maybe bring baby gates to keep him out of rooms with cabinets?) Also, is your DS a crib-sleeper or do you share sleep? If he is a crib-sleeper, make sure that the crib he is using meets safety standards.

I wouldn't worry so much about the changing routines since youngsters are generally pretty flexible. Just try to mimic the routine you have at home (afternoon naps and similar bedtimes/feeding schedule) and you should be fine. Might be good to bring along some familiar toys, books, etc., to help with the environment.

Enjoy your trip!