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06-14-2004, 08:42 AM

I have always recommended your books (baby bargains and now Baby 411) but I must say I was not happy to read such strong opinion on going for drugs (epidural) during labor! This is very much a personal issue and your own opinion. I have chosen to do it naturally after talking with MANY MANY (women including my sister who would be honest with me) who do not agree with you that labor requires drugs (ie is THAT painful) ....a lot of it is perception and opinion and I was not looking for "advice" on personal/very subjective subject matter.

There are down sides to getting drugs during labor....it's not that I'm trying to be a hero I'd just like to avoid a prolonged labor and possible c-section due to not feeling/pushing. And many more issues....

All this chapter did was scare me into believing your opinion...not medical facts or even the majority of women's opinion. Most people who go natural have no regrets!


06-21-2004, 06:22 PM

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Thanks too for your comments on this topic. Throughout the Baby 411 book we have small boxes that include the personal opinion of Dr. Brown (and sometimes Denise). In this case, Dr. Brown hoped parents would understand that delivery is a fluid situation and it's best to keep an open mind about the use of pain relieving drugs. She also noted that (medically speaking) it is not dangerous to your child to use pain relieving drugs if you feel necessary.

We agree that there are different schools of thought on this topic and we wish moms best of luck whichever path they choose.

Denise and Alan Fields

08-02-2004, 07:44 PM
I enjoyed Bridal Bargains and Baby Bargains, and really appreciated the variety of options presented in those books. There was never any hint of a "one size fits all" attitude. I truly appreciate the hard work you've done on your other books, and I hope you understand that my comments are meant to be constructive, not hurtful.

I was excited to see your newest book in a bookstore, and eagerly began to flip through it. I was disappointed. In my opinion, Baby 411 is too simplistic and narrow, especially in its coverage of pregnancy, prenatal care, and labor/delivery. Some of the pediatric health topics also rubbed me the wrong way. I was dismayed that the reader is instructed to do this or that without any acknowledgement that there are other options, and that one size doesn't fit all! When other options are mentioned, they're often presented as seriously flawed. This doesn't fit at all with your previous books, which assume the reader is intelligent enough to do some of her own research and form her own final opinions.

For the Baby 411 to be as good a book as your others, I think you'd need to make serious revisions, and either find a more flexible and open-minded co-author, or add more authors for a more diverse presentation (hint: start with a certified nurse midwife!).