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07-27-2006, 07:59 PM
Because my baby spits up A LOT I've about memorized all of those sections of the book. There's one question about a 9 month old who still spits up and your response is that she's just at the far end of the bell curve for spitters. My little one is 8 months and still spits up volumes from time to time. I'm not worried yet (thanks to the book!) but it might be helpful to expand the response to let a mother know when she should be worried or when she should mention it to her physician if it's still going on. At the 1 year checkup? At 18 months?

And secondly, the solid foods section seems to be a little light for early food introduction and for progressing with food. I'd like to know when teething biscuits or finger foods should be introduced. One of your points is to start with the least allergenic foods first, but there's nothing stating what those foods are (aside from the top 10 most allergenic foods, which leaves a pretty large list of choices!)

Thanks! The book has been a lifesaver and I've purchased it for three other new moms in the past several months.

10-17-2006, 10:15 AM
Ditto. My DS is a big spitter. He's 8.5 months old. I plan to ask the Ped at our 9 month visit. He's not spitting up as much now but you can be sure the "Beef and Carrots" are coming up - and they leave a nice stain on the couch, the carpet, Mommy, etc... Most of the other food is staying down but DH and I have a quick reflex to any and all burping/gurgling sounds that come up. Hopefully we were just at the end of the bell curve and we're getting past it. :o

01-03-2007, 10:47 PM

First, it was nice to see the spitting up section in the Toddler 411 book! DD who is just past 13 mos has reduced her spit up, though she gets Prevacid twice daily. Hopefully we'll be able to eliminate medication and spitting in the next few weeks.