View Full Version : Learning Express Sale

09-16-2003, 04:35 PM
From 9/18 until 9/21 Learning Express will be having a 20% off everything in stock (I think it's in stores only). Check out www.learningexpress.com for some of what they carry...Leapfrog, lamaze, playmobile, etc. It's not a great site, but 20% off seems like it could be a good deal for some.

09-17-2003, 09:18 AM
My sister is visiting for the next few weeks and gets to see dd only infrequently (she works on a cruise ship and is gone 6-8mo at a time). So we are in spoil mode at the moment.

Well Auntie Cathie walked into Learning Express at the mall and saw the Kettler trikes were part of the sale and called me at work.

"What model Kettler were you guys looking at again?"


"They are 20% off right now at LE in the mall..."

"Oh Cathie, don't get it, you've gotten her so much already."

"Don't worry about it..they are a great deal right now...tell me which model or I'll just pick one!"


"the Jumbo, we've alread sat Beth on all the models and that's the one that works best."

"okay I'm getting it"

ARGH!! But we are happy that she got it for less $$$ the final cost for a Kettler Jumbo came out to $110 with tax. They ordered the push bar for it and they called yesterday to say that it was in.

We made a group decision to wait a bit before giving it to dd...Auntie Cathie has been giving her "prizes" for the last week!