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11-05-2003, 05:57 PM
My son is now 7 weeks old, and a week ago I put up some black and white images from Rev. Jan's baby crafts page http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/index.html?Baby/crafts.html . My ds loves to stare at them while I am changing him. I have an IKEA computer desk closet unit which I use for a changing table etc, so I put the images on the bottom of the printer shelf!

I thought I'd start this forum off by sharing my idea!!!

11-05-2003, 11:27 PM
We have a shelf above our changing table and have done the same thing with photos. My DD now points at the photos and says her names for the people in our family. Switching out the photos can get us through a couple of diapers changes without her trying any wrestling moves!


11-06-2003, 08:54 AM
I didn't say he didn't wrestle with me. :) He doesn't usually scream bloody murder! How old?