View Full Version : Where to find baby-safe paint

11-06-2003, 08:31 PM
A friend gave us her daughter's crib and changing table, and we immediately set out to find baby-safe paint to them both up. We finally found it at Home Depot - it's in small cans in the primer aisle. Guy at the store recommended airing out the furniture after it's painted for about three days before letting it come in contact w/the baby.

11-08-2003, 09:40 PM
Really? I wonder if it's new. I searched high & low (including Home Depot and speciality paint stores) for the same reason and was finally told that it's all non-toxic when it dries, it's just the fumes you have to worry about. One specialty paint place sold one that the fumes were non-toxic.

THanks for posting this...I'll check it out next time I'm in the market for some.

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