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11-25-2003, 10:18 PM
Certainly not from my non crafty brain, but thought I would copy and paste them for Holiday ideas:

Copyright 2003 Nancy Twigg
Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Meaningful gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive. In
fact, some of the most precious gifts are the ones that
cost very little, but mean a great deal because of the
time and effort the giver took in giving the gift.

Below you will find a list of gift ideas that are low-cost
but high value. Rather than a large chunk of change,
these gift ideas require you to invest your creativity
and time with only a little of your hard-earned cash.

1) Make a scrapbook of the history of your relationship
with the recipient. Fill it with pictures, mementos and
memories from the past. Include your own heartfelt note
thanking the recipient for the value and warmth she adds
to your life.

2) Put your artistic abilities to work and create a piece
of art in honor of the recipient. Write a personalized song,
do a painting or sketch, or write a poem.

3) Use your computer to make a family cookbook with
a variety of recipes contributed by different family members.
Or make a cookbook of all of your own special recipes to
share with the recipient.

4) If you have artistic flair, purchase blank note cards with
envelopes. Decorate the cards with your own drawings to
make personalized note cards for your loved one.

5) If you can knit or crochet, make the honoree a new
scarf, hat, afghan or pair of mittens. If you sew, create a
new apron, fleece throw or keepsake pillow.

6) Make an "I Love You because..." or "You’re Special
because..." jar. On individual slips of paper, write some-
thing you love and appreciate about the honoree. Place
the slips of paper in a decorative jar. You can also make
an "I Love You" book by writing each thought on a
different page of a blank journal.

7) Use a desktop publishing program or your calligraphy
skills to create a wall-hanging featuring a inspirational
quote or Bible verse that is particularly meaningful. If
you are handy with a needle and embroidery floss, do
the same thing using your needlework skills. Display
the finished product in an inexpensive, yet attractive

8) For the chocolate lover on your list, fill a gift basket
with several varieties of homemade chocolate cookies,
candy, and brownies. If the recipient loves sweets but
is concerned about weight gain, use recipes for
goodies that are low in fat and calories.

9) Make a keepsake video containing something that
would be special to the recipient: her children singing
songs, friends telling why they love her, or you recounting
funny stories of times you’ve shared together.

10) Do a week or month’s worth of cooking for the recipient.
Fill her freezer with homemade meals that she can easily
heat and serve rather than having to cook.