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01-27-2004, 11:27 PM
Since Veronica has convinced me to throw away my zig-zag scissors I'm going to start my scrapbooking attempts again. I'm thinking of doing an every other week scapbooking party with a few gals who have never attempted scrapbooking at all. In this group I'm going to be the pro, so we need LOTS of help.

How does this sound for the first few gatherings.

Week 1: I could print up some stuff from the web, get a few magazines and toss a few ideas around. Show some of the supplies that I have on hand.

Week 2: Picture Organization. Just the basic gathering and sorting through pictures we have on hand to get ideas of where to begin. Do a basic outline of what we are going to scrapbook.

Week 3: Shopping trip! Go to a supply store and buy things we think will work in our scrapbook.

Week 4: Start Scrapbooking.

Does this sound too slow, fast, in the right order? Any other ideas? Am I missing something?

If anyone else does this sort of thing I would be interested know if you share supplies. It seems more economical to do that, but am I just looking for problems here? We're all family, so we are used to sharing.

Any other information would be appreciated.


01-28-2004, 12:59 AM
I'm no expert on this kind of thing, but I did recently attend a scrapbook party (billed as a "cropping" party--evolved into a Creative Memories pitch--I think somewhat to the dismay of the hostess). I'd never scrapbooked before, but I didn't really need a big training session. I enjoyed flipping through examples people had with them, and I wanted to hunker down and go at it. I would be pretty frustrated with the pace you've suggested--it would be tooooo slow for me, I'd want to get going right away. For me the barrier would be motivation, not ideas.

But I didn't approach it as a science, and that might put me in the minority. Good luck! Have fun!
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02-02-2004, 03:55 PM
I agree with the post above. I think when people set the time aside, they want to get something done. I thinking showing examples or buying a few scrapbooks idea books would be the most helpful things.

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03-03-2004, 05:09 PM
I am embarrassed to admit this has been posted an entire month and I just found it. Honestly, I don't think the pace it too slow. I could easily spend an entire evening sorting through pictures. Actually, I follow a very similar pattern in my own scrapbooking. When I get my pictures I sort them, then I go shopping and then I scrapbook. You may have already had your party by now, but I think it looks like a great plan to me.

Have fun,

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