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12-17-2004, 09:37 AM
I'm planning on painting my 19 month old son's playroom in the next few weeks. Some of the walls will be painted with chalkboard paint, and I was wondering if anyone had used it before and had any tips on application or brand.

Also, I wanted to make some of the surface magnetic and saw on the internet that you could buy a magnetic powder to add to regular paint, or purchase magnetized paint. I was hoping that someone could give me advice on what to choose, and, also, if the surface could ever be demagnetized if I wanted to turn the playroom into a study room as he gets older. TIA!!

12-20-2004, 09:28 AM
Hi Robyn,

I've used both the magnetic paint and the chalkboard paint. Here are my comments:

magnetic paint - I used the stuff you can buy premixed at michaels. I was painting over a sheet of luan board (1/4" smooth plywood). After 3 coats, it is magnetic - but it's not the strong hold that you'd expect. It can hold up magnetic letters - but wouldn't hold up a piece of paper underneath. I suppose with a few more coats it might be better --- but it's hard to tell. It's a bit hard to paint as it's got suspended magnetic particles, they sink to the bottom, so you need to shake or stir freqently to get a good magnetic hold.

chalkboard paint - this can be applied over the magnetic paint (which is considered a primer - so can be used under any color). Much easier to apply and use. The finish is going to depend in large part on your surface underneath. Used this both over the above board and also on a piece of sheet metal and both worked pretty well.

If you're looking for a strong magnetic hold, I'd recommend buying sheet metal and attaching to the wall. You can then paint with chalkboard paint. If you don't need the magnetic wall to be very strong (for example, the leap frog fridge sets won't hold) - you can go with the paint.